How Hoxul is Changing the Game of Real Estate in the Riviera Maya with its Membership Model

Hoxul, a real estate company, has announced its latest project in the beautiful Riviera Maya, located within the luxurious CORASOL tourist complex. The project will feature a unique approach to property ownership, offering clients the opportunity to invest in real estate through a membership-based system. Each one of these acts as an access key to a range of exclusive benefits. Hoxul uses innovative technology to ensure the safety and security of its clients. 

This new project is designed to make a significant impact in the real estate industry, offering clients a seamless and secure experience through the use of new technology. The three memberships available for purchase will give clients varying degrees of access and benefits within the complex, including exclusive entry to amenities, special discounts, and more. Hoxul has created a very accessible and profitable opportunity for its investors.

How do members profit from Hoxul?

Members of this community have more than one possibility of earning back their investment. Owning property will grant the holder a certain number of nights, which can be sublet to other guests, making it a source of income for the holder. Besides the fixed stays, extra nights will be available for a discount, which can also be offered to outside parties interested in renting them. On top of this opportunity, at the end of the validity period, the apartments will be sold and a percentage of the sales will be distributed among the membership holders. 

What makes Hoxul different?

This tourist complex will grant its members a wide range of amenities, like restaurants, rooftops, pools, and private access to the beach, among others. One of these is the renowned Gran Coyote golf course. Two of the three memberships sold by Hoxul will ensure access to the course. 

The identification system is just one of the many ways that Hoxul is using technology to enhance the real estate industry. The company is dedicated to providing clients with a reliable and safe experience while also opening up new possibilities for investors and property owners alike.

“We are excited to launch this revolutionary project in the Riviera Maya,” said Marco Casillas, CEO of Hoxul. “Our unique approach to property ownership and identification will provide clients with a level of convenience and security that has never been seen before in the real estate industry.” “We look forward to continuing to innovate and lead the way in Web3 integration in real estate.”

Hoxul’s new project in the Riviera Maya is set to launch soon, and the company is already generating a great deal of buzz in the real estate community. This is an innovative project with the purpose of changing the real estate investment paradigm. The future is near for those who manage to adapt to the times ahead.

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, How Hoxul is Changing the Game of Real Estate in the Riviera Maya with its Membership Model

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