Influential Russians call for ethnic cleansing, genocide in Ukraine

Key Takeaways:

  • Several influential Russian have called for genocides in Ukraine
  • From politicians to Kremlin's TV propagandists, there have been several calls for ethnic cleansing
  • Former Russian President has Dmitry Medvedev called Ukrainian officials "cockroaches"
Several influential Russians have called for ethnic cleansing and genocide in Ukraine as Vladimir Putin's invasion continues for nine months
Russia’s elite has called for Genocide in Ukraine as the Kremlin’s invasion continues in its ninth month. Image by Ian Moone 

YEREVAN ( —It has been nine months since Russia began its illegal, unilateral invasion of Ukraine. Amid the continued death and destruction, Putin’s supporters are calling for a genocide of Ukrainians. For some, the final solution lies in their complete annihilation. 

To make matters worse, these are not random Russian citizens. Several prominent Putninists, with mass followings and audiences, are increasingly calling on the Russian president to take drastic measures. 

Some call for the use of nuclear weapons, while others advocate for an even more brutal crackdown. To anyone following Putin’s invasion, it may come as no surprise. Such calls from politicians, officials, and media personalities are commonplace. 

The fact that former Russian President and the current deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called Ukrainian officials “cockroaches” and termed the country’s army as “a bunch of Nazi drug addicts, barking dogs and grunting pigs” is deplorable. However, some of his fellow countrymen have gone a few steps ahead, leaving even pro-Putninists in awe.

Ukrainian children should have been drowned: Russian TV anchor 

Last month, Anton Krasovsky, the then-director of the state-backed television network Russia Today (RT) openly called for the genocide of Ukrainian children.

In a conversation with Russian writer Sergei Lukyanenko, Krasovsky said Ukrainian children deserve to be drowned in the Tysyna river. 

His guest was narrating about his visit to Ukraine in the 1980s when he recalled talking to a few children. According to the writer, some of them had called Russia an occupier and opined that they would have had better lives if not for the Russian occupation

Russia Today host calls for mass-murder, genocide of Ukrainian children
Russia Today host calls for mass-murder of Ukrainian children

“Just drown those children… Whoever says that Moskals occupied them, you throw them in the river with a strong undercurrent… Over therere…there are masses of awful, monstrous little houses…Shove them right into those huts and burn them up… Ukraine is not supposed to exist at all,”  

the TV host said. 

As if that was not enough, he even claimed that Ukrainian grandmothers would love to be raped by Russian soldiers.

One would think that his ‘intelectual’ guest would stop him. Instead, he added a few criminal remarks too.

After the interview aired, Margarita Simonyan, RT’s editor-in-chief, suspended Krasovsky. However, she is one of the most vocal supporters of Vladimir Putin. How does she have a problem with someone who calls for the murder of Ukrainians when she is fine with the person who kills them every day since the invasion of Ukraine began?

“Ukraine as it was can’t continue to exist. There’ll be no Ukraine we’ve known for many years,”  

Simonyan reportedly claimed earlier this year. 

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Dehumanizing Ukrainians is a common practice 

 For the war-mongering Russian propagandists, no amount of slurs is enough for the Ukrainians. They have constantly dehumanized them and compared them to diseases and pests. These calls come amid attempts to prove that a separate Ukraine has no right to exist as they are the same Russian people. 

Earlier this year, Vasily Fatigarov, a Russian military expert, compared Ukrainians to a cancerous tumor that needs to be cut and cleaned.

“Russia is now working like surgeons. And when a surgeon cuts out a cancerous tumor… he also has to clean up a certain amount of healthy tissue so that, God forbid, nothing remains and starts growing again…. Therefore [Russia] will purify that territory very precisely, very severely, and ensure that that fascist infection doesn’t grow anywhere else,”  

Fatigarov said.
Russian military expert says Ukrainians are like a tumor that needs to be cured
Russian military expert says Ukrainians are like a tumor that needs to be cured

Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov, whose soldiers have committed various atrocities, compared Ukrainians to “rodent pests.” 

He also called the local Government in Donbas “non-human oppressors”

Prominent Putinist TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov also called for the destruction of Kharkiv.

“If we’d taken Kharkiv, it’s obvious that their main logistics and supply centre is there! Wipe it off the face of the f***ing earth if we have to! Warn the civilians, tell them ‘You’ve got 24, 48 hours!’ After that we begin to destroy the city block by block,”  

he advised amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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We will kill 5 million Ukrainians! Call for a Genocide

Calls for the mass murder of Ukrainians have not only come from the Kremlin but put also from its supporters in Ukraine. 

In a chilling statement, Pavel Gubarev, a self-styled separatist leader of the so-called People’s Republic of Donetsk, has threatened to kill as many as 5 million Ukrainians. 

He has joined the Russian army to participate in the invasion of his country and wants to massacre his people. 

“These are Russian people, possessed by the devil… We will kill as many of you as we have to. We will kill 1 million, or 5 million; we can exterminate all of you until you understand that you’re possessed and you have to be cured,” 

he reportedly said in a statement in October 2022. 
Russian warlord threatens to kill 5 million Ukrainians  as Influential Russians call for ethnic cleansing and genocide in Ukraine
Russian puppet from Donetsk threatens to commit Genocide in Ukraine

According to a recent report by CNBC, Moscow City Duma deputy and pro-Kremlin journalist Andrey Medvedev claimed that the “Ukrainian nation does not exist, it is a political orientation”. 

Russian propagandists have constantly accused the authorities of Ukraine of being Nazi sympathizers. However, with such genocidal calls, it has become evident who harbors such sentiments.

Experts have already noted the widespread calls for mass murders coming from Russian politicians.

“This rhetoric is openly exterminatory and dehumanizing and calls for the conduct of a genocidal war against the Ukrainian state and its people, which notably has pervaded discourse in the highest levels of the Russian political mainstream,”

CNBC quoted analysts at the Institute for the Study of War saying.

With the war still raging on, it is disappointing to see so many Kremlin supporters call for the genocide of Ukrainians. Vladimir Putin, unfortunately, is surrounded by people who enjoy ethnic cleansing no less than he does.

Genocide of Ukrainians, Influential Russians call for ethnic cleansing, genocide in Ukraine

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