Make Following Crypto Easy On Your Coinbench HomePage

With the crypto industry growing at a massive rate, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with what is happening all over the world. Coinbench looks to make this process much easier.

Currently, users must visit multiple websites in order to keep track of all the events occurring in the crypto industry. Someone curious may go to Twitter in order to see the latest headlines in crypto before checking the price of coins on a price aggregator.

The Amsterdam-based startup enables users to read from different sources, save news, follow cryptocurrency updates, and track their crypto portfolio all on one page.

Make Following Crypto Easy On Your Coinbench HomePage

Coinbench allows its users to choose from more than 400 sources in order to read all of the latest news and updates from crypto companies. Additionally, Coinbench also supports live price tracking for more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies.

All of the collective information on one dashboard makes keeping track of the latest crypto news an extremely simple process.

Your journey on Coinbench begins by selecting your preferred sources and coins. As sources appear in the middle section, selected coins will be in the ‘My Coins’ section on the sidebar.

After that, the next section is to select coins for tracking on the home page. Coinbench uses the CoinGecko API to provide accurate price data for its users.


Customize Your Coinbench Dashboard

When it comes to home page design, Coinbench allows users to choose the design interview that best suits their needs. In addition to a light and dark mode, users can select one of three different layouts to customize their home page: Journal view, Card view, and Title-only view.

The level of customization afforded to Coinbench users allows them to tailor their dashboard towards their personal preferences. They will also consume only the most necessary information.

Customize Your Coinbench Dashboard

Track Social Media Updates

Coinbench also aggregates updates from Twitter and Reddit from your selected sources on the sidebar widget. They also track the official blogs from the chosen sources and display them on the homepage.

Track Social Media Updates

Follow Easy Crypto On Coinbench

Easy Crypto has partnered with Coinbench to deliver the latest news for audiences who are active on the site. Add Easy Crypto to your homepage by going to the ‘My Sources’ section.

Follow Easy Crypto

Start your personalized crypto journey by visiting Coinbench and following easy crypto to read the latest updates on your homepage. 

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