MUFC Manchester United Fan Token up 600% after airdrop campaign

Manchester United Fan Token (MUFC) token up 600% after airdrop campaign
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Key Takeaways:

  • Manchester United fan MUFC token jumps 600% in price after airdrop.
  • MUFC relies on sketchy promoters and an ongoing presale round.

YEREVAN ( — Ardent fans of the renowned British football club Manchester United made a foray into the cryptocurrency world and launched a MUFC token to support their favorite team. The MUFC coin price tanked right after the launch in early August and flatlined around $0.0001 for months. However, the fan token scored a goal after the airdrop campaign launched on Nov 15. Its Twitter page reported a 600% rise in value.

However, the price dropped hours later and stood at 0.00047 USDT in the Thursday session.

MUFC token price chart.
MUFC token price chart.

MUFC Token Airdrop

As mentioned, the Manchester United fan community is behind the MUFC token. It represents voting rights in the distribution mechanism and various rewards and benefits for holders. The fans can then leverage their rewards to engage and “express their love” to the Manchester United F.C. football club.

The team chose Binance Smart Chain to issue the token in the BEP-20 standard. The User Fund took up 35% of the token allocation, along with Developers Fund at 20% and 10% allocated to the public sale.

In hindsight, an airdrop is a marketing strategy involving distributing a certain amount of tokens into wallets. The process aims to promote the said digital asset and raise awareness of a new token on the market.

Fast forward to the MUFC airdrop; the team advertised the upcoming campaign through various social media outlets and allocated 1% of the total supply towards it. The team also left detailed instructions on how to sign up for the airdrop correctly. However, several users claimed not to have gotten any MUFC tokens after registration.

You totally can get “FREE” MUFC token by participating in the Airdrop – which is announced on our main social media channels. Specifically the Airdrop will be having 10,000,000,000 MUFC (1% total supply).

advertised the team behind MUFC.

What’s ahead for MUFC Coin?

While the project claims to be “community-driven,” the Twitter community was remarkably in sync with each other, posting the same reply to the tweet above. Moreover, the fan-bots didn’t bother to change the content of their comments the slightest.

Manchester United Fan Token, MUFC Manchester United Fan Token up 600% after airdrop campaign

Also, the ‘supporters’ cited the “strong team” and the “transparent” roadmap.

Manchester United Fan Token, MUFC Manchester United Fan Token up 600% after airdrop campaign

Moreover, the project announced a presale round from Nov 2 to Dec 3, 2021.

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