Meet Eric Hackney, the Wannabe $ASS Coin Billionaire

Meet Eric Hackney, the Wannabe $ASS Coin Billionaire
Meet the Wannabe $ASS Coin Billionaire

Yerevan ( — Eric Hackney, a 38-year-old unemployed man from Florida, owns 20,000,000,000 Australian Safe Shepherd (ASS) coins thanks to his $500 investment.

Hackney is a former bartender from Tampa who lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unemployment forced him to invest in the financial markets on the famous Robinhood app. Between getting a job for $9 an hour and trading in the financial markets, he thought the latter to be a safer bet.

However, Ass Coin is not his entry into the digital market. He was an enthusiastic investor on GameStop and Dogecoin, both of which gave him temporary gains before burning his fingers and a big hole in his pocket.
After losing money on these two, he hopes to bounce back with a new investment in the meme altcoin.

ASS Coin is Joking. Seriously!

The Australian Safe Shepherd ($ASS) is a meme token that took off after the crazy altcoin boom in April. With various coins joining the fray, the coin creators decided to throw in their hats in the game.

Following the footsteps of Dogecoin and ShibCoin, the obvious avatar of the new coin had to be a dog. Hence, they chose the Australian Shepherd Dog as the mascot for the new altcoin.

However, unlike the above two coins, the creators of ASS Coin are joking. No, seriously! All one has to do to find out just how serious they are is visit their website. The creators do not hide the fact that they are joking.

The Whitepaper Of A 2-Year-Old

The first thing one looks at of a new digital coin is the whitepaper.

Whitepapers explain the purpose and technology of the coin. A whitepaper is created by the founders or developers of a cryptocurrency to convince investors to buy the coin. Ideally, they provide facts, diagrams, statistics, and quotes to help sell the crypto.

Whitepapers are serious documents, written by technically focused and able individuals for serious buyers. Their purpose is to explain everything one needs to know on the subject. They help cryptocurrencies establish themselves as a serious investment opportunity.

Another important document is the roadmap of the initiative, giving a detailed plan about how the company projects to provide lucrative gains to investors. Both the white paper and the roadmap of ASS Coin seem to be drawn by a two-year-old. Perhaps they were.

“We spent countless hours working on these to provide you with a clear direction of where this coin is heading.”, the website reads.

To put things in perspective, the Bitcoin whitepaper, written by Satoshi Nakamoto, is a 9-page detailed document. The one by ASS Coin looks like this.

The "Professional" whitepaper of ASS Coin. Credit:- ASS Coin
The “Professional” whitepaper of ASS Coin. Credit:- ASS Coin

Eric Hackney Hopes To Strike Gold

The enthusiastic investor who made headlines hopes not to repeat the same mistake again.

In January, Hackney was looking out for new things on the Robinhood app when he stumbled on Dogecoin. He bought some Dogecoin at 4 cents. When the price increased to 8 cents, he sold them, having doubled his money. At the time, he thought he had won. Three months later, Dogecoin’s price had surged to 70 cents.

He has now invested $500 into ASS coin hoping history will repeat itself and he won’t make the same mistake again.

“Screw it. Let’s go. Let’s see what happens,” Hackney said.

Thanks to investors like Hackney and their FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), altcoins may see a boost.

So far things are not looking good for the new meme coin with the market price experiencing a drop.

Prices for ASS Coin dropped despite the news coverage. Credit: CoinGecko
Prices for ASS Coin dropped despite the news coverage. Credit: CoinGecko

Who knows, Hackney might become a millionaire after all? Let us wish him luck.

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