Mysterious Web3 Founder Shares D**k Pics With Female Counterparts

web3, Mysterious Web3 Founder Shares D**k Pics With Female Counterparts

Key Takeaways:

  • Karsen Daiy will reveal a prominent man in the web3 industry.
  • Apparently, he sent d*ck pics to unsuspecting community members.
  • Unfortunately, the story is hardly scandalous, as sexual misconduct from men in positions of power is old news.

DSEGH ( – Unwanted and unsolicited penis pictures are a form of online harassment, as many women could sadly confirm.

They often come from most unexpected sources, from the average Joe to hot-shot CEOs and other men in positions of power. Podcaster and crypto enthusiast Karsen Daily claims web3 space is no exception.

Web3 scandal underway?

According to her latest tweet, Karsen intends to reveal a “prominent man” who not only founded a web3 company but also sent d*ck pics to “several people in the web3 community.” However, which part of the story is supposed to shock people is unclear.

The narrative is not new, and the form is not a novice either. So, why should the presence of rude “prominent men” in Web3 be unexpected?

Karsen added that the full story will be revealed during the upcoming podcast episode on April 27. However, the pitch sounded a bit shady to several followers, as “it feels exploitative of the victims.” Another commenter noted that the “BREAKING” announcement “smells a lot like a veneer of good faith in order to justify engagement-bating for her podcast.”

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web3, Mysterious Web3 Founder Shares D**k Pics With Female Counterparts

Karsen’s questionable investigative skills aside, the announcement is far from a headline story, as inflated egos in men holding positions of power border on cliche.

Are d*ck pics the new norm in Web3?

Admittedly, every Tinder-sent d*ck pic doesn’t hold the same significance as a similarly unwelcome image from a CEO.

In 2019, Jeff Bezos, the multi-billionaire head man of Amazon, managed to spark controversy around his private message to Lauren Sanchez, a woman he had an affair with, effectively ending a 25-year marriage.

Anthony Weiner, a former member of the United States House of Representatives from New York City, has also been involved in multiple sex scandals related to d*ck pics sent to underage girls, which he denied in 2011.

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In 2020, the campaign of the Paris Mayor hopeful, Benjamin Griveaux, ended as news broke of his sexting and a video of his masturbating sent to a woman, not his wife, was made public.

A Russian-born artist Petr Pavlensky uploaded the video and accused Griveaux of political hypocrisy, later facing “violation of privacy” charges and “publishing sexual images without consent.”

So, could a “prominent man” from the web3 community possibly spark a new d*ck pic scandal? Of course! Is the story a BREAKING headline, as Karsen Daily claims? Time will tell. Judging by the click-bate nature of her announcement, followers should take her podcast with a grain of salt and investigate the matter in more detail.

web3, Mysterious Web3 Founder Shares D**k Pics With Female Counterparts

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