Playboy dives deeper into blockchain with new NFT project Rabbitars

Some of the iconic NFTs from the Rabbitars set by Playboy
Some of the Playboy Rabbitars NFTs. Credit: Playboy

Key Takeaways

  • Playboy magazine has decided to take crypto addoption to the next level through NFTs
  • The company, which accepts Bitcoin (BTC) payments since 2014, will be relesing its own NFT collection this month
  • The NFT project Rabbitars will consist of 11,593 unique Rabbit-logo avatars and will cost o.1953 ETH to mint

YEREVAN ( — Playboy, the controversial lifestyle and entertainment magazine, is diving into the NFT universe through a new project. Playing on its iconic logo, the Playboy Rabbit, the company is releasing a new collection of Non-Fungible Tokens for fans. 

Called the Playboy Rabbitars, the NFT Collection will consist of 11,593 3D rabbit characters. The number is chosen as a way of paying homage to its founding year- 1953. Even the mint price per NFT is inspired by the year of its foundation. Each NFT will cost 0.1953 ETH to mint.
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Playboy tried the NFT space and they like it

For those wondering what took Playboy so long to jump onto the NFT train, well, they were already on it. 

The company kickstarted its NFT launch experience in May with the launch of its Liquid Summer collection in collaboration with popular artist Slimesunday. The launch was such a great success that the entire Collection sold out in under three minutes.

The collaboration with Slimesunday only increased Playboy’s appetite. The company went on to launch the Miami Beach NFT Collection on SuperRare’s marketplace in July.

However, before launching its non-fungible tokens, Playboy began collecting NFTs by acquiring Beeple’s BULL RUN #151/27 in March.

Since then, the Playboy NFT Collection has expanded to include works of other digital artists, Blake Kathryn, SlimeSunday, Malavida, Anna Zhilyaeva, WhIsBe, and DotPigeon.

Seeing merit in the new phenomenon, the company is doubling its prospects by launching the latest Rabittars Collection.

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Presale of the Playboy NFT in two days

The news of Playboy’s latest Rabbit-inspired NFT collection has much buzz in the industry. But, while the company has a history of selling collectibles within minutes of going live, it remains to be seen how many takers will show up to grab their rabbit NFT.

The pre-sale launch is set to take place on Oct 24 and 26 before going public.

The magazine stopped all physical prints in 2020 in a bid to become completely digital. According to the company, the NFTs will help take its online existence to the next level.

Owning a Rabbitar NFT will automatically make users members of the Playboy Club. The company will also grant NFT holders exclusive access to Playboy art, Metaverse events, and more.  

In other words, Rabbitars are kickstarting a new form of blockchain-based membership to the popular magazine. 

This, of course, is not surprising. Back in 2014, Playboy was among the first adopters of cryptocurrencies. Sensing the global pivot, the company partnered with BitPay to accept Bitcoin (BTC) for subscriptions to its adult content. 

With the new set soon to hit the marketplace, the NFT universe stands to benefit from Playboy’s endorsement. 

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