Polygon (MATIC) and BudBlockz (BLUNT) Successfully Brave the Bear Market

Polygon (MATIC) and BudBlockz (BLUNT) Successfully Brave the Bear Market

The growling bear market has made crypto investing more of an extreme sport for many players. Whereas you are spoilt for choice regarding possible lucrative coins in a bull market, the bear market requires finesse and more effort to find the next big thing. At the start of 2022, many investors had high hopes for the crypto market but what followed suit was nothing short of a nightmare. 

As several investors were gripped by panic, unsure of how to proceed, a select group remained optimistic about their market plays. Despite the frigid crypto winter, Polygon remains on course to become a mainstream adoption. Similarly, BudBlockz has hit the ground running, and its 235% presale surge shows that many investors are looking at the project as the best way to turn a profit. Here is a detailed look at Polygon and BudBlockz and why they have braved the bear market.



BudBlockz was launched late in 2022 and has since revolutionized the crypto market and the burgeoning cannabis sector. The new project seeks to bridge the gap between its users and the cannabis market. Its timely entry into both markets is perhaps why BudBlockz is tipped to become the next big thing in the crypto stratosphere. 

The cannabis market is on the cusp of becoming one of the biggest, as shown by its $16.7 billion valuation in 2022. BudBlockz has created a user-friendly marketplace where cannabis enthusiasts can access products safely and privately in legal zones. Through its native token, $BLUNT, platform users can buy products from dispensaries without receiving any ridicule.

The platform also presents several lucrative use cases, such as the Ganja Guruz NFT collection. The series of digital works based on popular video games of the 90s is built on the ERC-721 protocol on the Ethereum network. Users who purchase the NFTs are eligible for discounts on the cannabis products they buy on the network. In addition, they can take fractional ownership in cannabis farms and dispensaries set up by the company by simply filling out a KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

The platform runs a tight ship by keeping a lower coin circulation rate to ensure that the token is deflationary and keeps a steady price rise. In addition, through its decentralized exchange, BudSwap, BudBlockz offers stacking allowing users to put $BLUNT to use without having to trade it.



Polygon has been one of the few upbeat cryptocurrencies in the bear market. The innovative Layer 2 solution on the Ethereum network was created to streamline scalability and interoperability between blockchain networks to make transactions faster and easier for its users. Its native token, $MATIC, powers the blockchain.

Polygon closed deals with mainstream companies such as Coca-Cola, Reddit, and Disney despite the frigid market. In addition, Polygon has become a go-to scaling solution for Ethereum. Finally, it is a revered network for platforms offering liquid staking for $MATIC, enabling holders to reap staking rewards.


Whereas there are no accurate predictions of when the downturn will end, investors can turn to BudBlockz to revitalize their ailing portfolios. The timely entry into the growing cannabis market and the lucrative use cases make $BLUNT the next big thing in the crypto space.

Purchase or learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website: https://budblockz.io/

Presale Registration: https://app.budblockz.io/sign-up 

BudBlockz Community Links: https://linktr.ee/budblockz

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