Polygon(MATIC), Cardano(ADA), And Uwerx(WERX) Are Prime For A Massive Uptrend

Polygon(MATIC), Cardano(ADA), And Uwerx(WERX) Are Prime For A Massive Uptrend

As the market nears another bull market, crypto enthusiasts, traders, and investors position themselves for the massive gain to come. The cycle is certain to come, but you need to hold the right cryptocurrencies to get the most profits possible in the bull market.

While Polygon(MATIC) and Cardano(ADA) are two existing altcoins with decent potential to provide some gains in the bull season, WERX is the right token to hold for explosive profits as the token goes live on presale.

What is WERX?

WERX is the native token of the emerging blockchain-based freelancing platform, Uwerx. Uwerx is a unique approach to the gig economy, and it aims to bring users more value than existing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Uwerx already has a huge market to cater to, and with blockchain use, it can put an end to existing issues in the industry.

Statistics from Velocity Global show that 59 million Americans freelance — that’s 36% of the total American workforce. The freelance industry has become a global market for finding skilled workers, and freelancers have taken full advantage of this opportunity to earn more whether they have full-time roles or not.

With blockchain, Uwerx can give back more value to users, especially by incentivizing activity on the network. Uwerx will also charge a 1% flat fee on all contract transactions as compared to the 20% fee on Fiverr and the recently updated 10% fee on Upwork. It also includes unique features like in-built collaboration tools, allowing more efficient client-freelancer workflow on the platform.

Uwerx will also provide transparent pricing, allowing all parties to understand the cost of typical tasks. However, users can go on to price and adjust at their discretion. WERX is already on presale, and it allows for early buyers to gain entry below market price. This is an opportunity for profit for most people considering the price margin at launch.

Polygon(MATIC) and Cardano(ADA)

Polygon(MATIC) and Cardano(ADA) are two Ethereum alternatives and are quite reputable for their impressive scalability. Both cryptocurrencies enjoyed a decent uptrend in the bull cycle, and it would be fair to expect the same in the next bull market. Polygon currently trades around $0.88, and although it has declined since the year started, crypto enthusiasts are waiting on the partnerships it secured last year to help push its value.

Cardano(ADA), on the other hand, is trading around $0.37, and users look forward to some progress with DeFi on the network following some upgrades and development earlier in the year. Both networks are on the leaderboard with the most developer activity, and it would be fair to assume that something might be cooking that would translate value in the bull market.

However, we believe it would be advantageous to seek opportunities with a higher reward ratio in Uwerx. WERX on presale is currently the best offer in the market.

The Case For WERX On Presale

Crypto rewards early entry and presale buys make one of the best ways to profit heavily in the crypto market. WERX sells for $0.0225 on the initial presale, and we strongly believe the token can reach $1.5 right after launch. The presale price increases as it progresses, so that means this is the lowest price to get WERX.

Smart investors have been taking the opportunity to accumulate more tokens on the way up and will be looking to make some profit when the platform finally launches. Considering the robust utility behind the token, it poses some great profit potential.

Find out more about Userx:
Website: https://www.uwerx.network
Presale: http://invest.uwerx.network
Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network
Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Polygon, Polygon(MATIC), Cardano(ADA), And Uwerx(WERX) Are Prime For A Massive Uptrend

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