Vladimir Putin Hints At Nuclear War After Drone Attacks on Russian Soil

Key Takeaways:

  • Russian president Vladimir Putin acknowledged the threat of nuclear war.
  • However, Putin insisted that Russia would only use its nukes as a retaliatory measure.
The Russian President said nukes were a deterrent, insisting Russia had not gone mad
The Russian President said nukes were a deterrent, insisting Russia had not gone mad. Image from Pixabay

NEW DELHI (CoinChapter.com) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the threat of nuclear war is rising but assured the world that Russia was not mad. The country would not use its nuclear arsenal first.

Putin insisted that Russia only use its WMDs in response to an attack. The Russian president was speaking at Russia’s annual human rights council meeting.

Additionally, Putin acknowledged that the war in Ukraine was “going to take a while,” prompting western officials to speculate that Moscow had initially planned for a swift victory. The threat of nuclear war escalated after Russia invaded Ukraine in Feb.

Putin acknowledged that the threat of nuclear war is rising
Putin acknowledged that the threat of nuclear war is rising. Source: Twitter

Putin accepted the growing threat of nuclear war but asserted that Russia “run around the world brandishing this weapon like a razor.

Nevertheless, we have a strategy… namely, as a defense, we consider weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons – it is all based around the so-called retaliatory strike. That is, when we are struck, we strike in response.”

Putin said

Moreover, Putin took the opportunity to boast that Russia had the world’s most modern and advanced nuclear weapons. Moreover, the Russian president contrasted Moscow’s nuclear strategy to the US, which he asserted had placed its weapons in other territories like Turkey and several European countries.

Despite Putin’s assurances of only using nuclear weapons as a deterrent, experts remain worried about the possibility of Moscow deploying a tactical weapon in Ukraine. Tactical nukes are designed to use during combat, while strategic weapons are designed to cause massive destruction.

The War On Ukraine Taking Longer Than Expected

Moscow had stymied any potential criticism of its decision to invade Ukraine before the human rights council meeting. Ten members of the council, who had concerns over the war efforts, were replaced with pro-war members.

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The government also carefully scrutinized the subjects for discussion during the meeting.

Vladimir Putin recognized that Moscow’s plans to claim victory over Ukraine within days of invading the country have failed. However, the president claimed that the war had already yielded “significant” results, citing the territories Russia has illegally claimed in four regions of Ukraine.

Map of the regions around Ukraine under Russian control
Map of the regions around Ukraine under Russian control. Source: BBC

Additionally, Putin claimed that the annexations made the Sea of Azov an “internal sea” of Russia. The water body is bordered by southeast Ukraine and southwest Russia. Putin added that acquiring the Sea of Azov was an aspiration of Russian Tsar Peter the Great.

Interestingly, the Russian president has previously compared himself to the 17th-century ruler.

Winter Is Coming To Ukraine, But Power Remains A Concern

After Russia had to retreat from Kherson city, the only regional capital it had captured since Feb, Putin upped the ante against Ukraine. The setback led to Moscow targeting Ukraine’s power grid through massive air strikes.

Winter Is Coming To Ukraine, But Power Remains A Concern
Smoke rises over a Ukrainian city after Russian missile strikes. Source: Reuters

The airstrikes led to massive damage to Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. The damage has left millions of Ukrainians without heating and electricity for days. Meanwhile, temperatures in the region dropped to zero as the winter season approached in the planet’s Northern hemisphere.

The Mayor of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, could face the “apocalypse” since the low temperatures would make houses inhabitable. Heated shelters have been set up in the city, but the mayor admitted they might not be enough for all the residents.

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