Ripple(XRP) Announces Python Implementation To Interact With XRP Ledger

Ripple announces new Python implementation for XRP ledger

Long Beach (CoinChapter):San Francisco-based blockchain firm Ripple made a new project announcement. Long focused on XRPL-oriented solutions, Ripple has now released a brand new library. It will significantly mitigate the process of coding on XRP Ledger.

“Ripple is excited to announce the launch of xrpl-py, a pure Python implementation for interacting with the XRP Ledger. The xrpl-py library simplifies the hardest parts of XRP Ledger interaction—like serialization and transaction signing—by providing native Python methods and models for XRP Ledger transactions and core server API (rippled) objects.”

According to the announcement, XRP Ledger had only Java and JavaScript implementations. As such, Python developers had to either switch to a less familiar language or rely on third-party libraries.

The xrpl-py library includes instruments for a whole set of XRP Ledger functionalities. This includes transactions processing, key generation, conversion between different types of addresses, and browsing blockchain information. Additionally, the RippleX team has attempted to make the development experience on xrpl-py suitable for both Python pundits, as well as novices.

Python experts can experiment with lower-level tools and functions. Meanwhile, beginners can enjoy higher-level functions that remove a lot of unnecessary details and provide useful developer interfaces. Ripple X has also released a collection of manuals and tutorials, in addition to launching a Twitch stream to introduce its new release.

More news on the way for Ripple(XRP)

More news may be on the way for Ripple as well. In the announcement, the team shared its ambitions to disclose new libraries in other programming languages very soon.

The news was celebrated by many within the industry. Monica Long, General Manager of Ripple X at Ripple, was one of them. Long stressed the importance of the new instrument for Python developers and all XRPL enthusiasts., noting on Twitter that “Now, Python devs can take full advantage of XRPL functionality via an easy-to-use library.”

This announcement is the latest in a string of good news for the blockchain firm. In its ongoing lawsuit with the SEC, Ripple was granted access to the SEC’s documents and discussions about whether XRP tokens are similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.

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