Shikoku Inu: The Next Shib?

In a world where cryptocurrencies have managed to turn that initial curiosity, they had garnered some serious attention, where having freedom and access to decentralized assets are the leading objectives of man, we bring to you Shikoku Inu – The Next Shiba Inu!”

Before we begin let me quickly tell you a bit about our Origin Story. 

In the aftermath of the recent crypto crash that brought the market to its knees, crypto enthusiasts and investors alike were left thirsting for more. They wanted to turn back time and relive the excitement of investing in lucrative decentralized tokens like Shiba Inu once again, and among those yearning individuals was Shikoshi – the founder of Shikoku himself.

Shikoshi spent days and nights on the internet, researching every new fancy token that launched, checking their Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and trying to find the potential that he and the world once saw in Shiba Inu, but it was all to no avail. There was nothing with the same spark and potential that he had first seen in the SHIB token.

In his relentless research and ponderings, he stumbled upon the origin story of Vitalik Buterin (the founder of Ethereum) who underwent a similar dilemma as he looked for ways to improve the loopholes he saw in Bitcoin.

It was only when he reached a deadlock, he realized that he had no option left but to  solve his conundrum by creating what he wanted – Ethereum! And the rest is history.

His story inspired Shikoshi so much that instead of putting in tiring efforts in search for the next Shiba Inu, he decided to direct those efforts to create the next Shiba Inu, which brings us here.

Shikoku Inu – The Next Shib!

Shikoshi’s dream child, Shikoku Inu, wasn’t just created to fulfill his own desires but to solve a problem for the masses. With this thought driving his vision, the token Shikoku Inu takes decentralization and transparency up a notch to a level never seen before.

, Shikoku Inu: The Next Shib?

Shikoshi and his team are just the developers of this project and unlike your average developer, they do not aim to keep majority shareholdings to themselves but create a truly decentralized community where every person invested in this project has equal opportunity.

To prove his dedication Shikoshi has published his Private Key on Shikoku Inu’s website for all to see and use. There is no permanent allotted owner of Shikoku Inu, instead, it can be owned by all that wish to own it!

Every single member of our community will have access to the developer wallet and every single one of you will be able to add to it, building the project of our dreams together as we progress.

Exciting features of Shikoku. Why invest?

In recent times Crypto exchanges have lost the trust of investors and developers alike and this insecurity was further fueled by the FTX Collapse. In order to combat this insecurity, Shikoku aims to promote the idea of self-custody of tokens.

Giving you access to the decentralized world of Cryptocurrencies along with the peace of mind that your assets are stored securely in your possession.

We know that the idea of self-custody of digital assets seems daunting and complex when you think about it but fret no more as that’s exactly what we’re here for! We’re here to educate our community on this process in the most simple and efficient manner.

In order to fulfill this dream, our platform was built on Mr. Buterin’s Ethereum blockchain, ensuring the highest standard to date of decentralization.

What’s more is, when the project takes off, your $100 worth of investment in SHIK tokens today will become equivalent to $50k once the market cap reaches 1 billion! And further rise to $500k once the market cap reaches 10 billion!

And the way we’ve programmed the road map of our project, that day is not far off.

SIDE (Shikoku Inu Decentralized Ecosystem)

The Shikoku Inu Decentralized Ecosystem (SIDE) allows its members to participate in the governing of the community. Holders and custodians of the Shikoku Inu token shall be granted voting rights depending on the amount of SHIK tokens they hold which shall ultimately translate into executive powers.

The SIDE will continue to grow over time as the community grows alongside it. What this means is as things proceed, the community i.e., YOU shall be involved in the decision-making process every step of the way!

This way we ensure that your voice won’t only be heard but implemented as well!

That is the true meaning of a decentralized community. That is the dream that we wish to fulfill together. 

Our dream, our freedom, our Shikoku Inu!

How To Buy:

Make sure to check Shikoku’s YouTube channel for the tutorial:

Shikoshi’s Ending Remarks:

When Shiba Inu was first launched not many people believed in the project, just like they didn’t when Ethereum was first launched and before that when the pioneer of this whole game Bitcoin was created.

But what happened? Soon they all came to regret their mistakes and realized it to be the biggest sorrow of their lives. As those who believed made millions. Now that there’s another opportunity before you, will you be the one that believes?

Opportunities like Shikoku Inu only come around once in a while. Born in a bear market, a new era of crypto is primed to launch, so don’t miss out on the token that could grant you the financial freedom that you so dearly desire.

As the legendary investor Benjamin Graham says: 

“The intelligent investor is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists.”

Now is the time to be a realist, now is the time for action!

Don’t miss out on another opportunity!

Let’s build this together!

If you have any queries or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to us on our social media accounts. For more in-depth technical details of our project, you can visit our official website, or read the whitepaper.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is simply the introduction of a novel Crypto startup, and it is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrencies). If you want any clarifications don’t hesitate to hit us up!

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, Shikoku Inu: The Next Shib?

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