Shocking! NFT lovers ready to quit jobs to play games full-time

Shocking! NFT lovers ready to quit jobs to play games full-time
Shocking! NFT lovers ready to quit jobs to play games full-time

A recent community report released by Balthazar — nonfungible token gaming (NFT) platform, revealed many community members’ willingness to play online games full time than to have a job.

The shocking report sampled the opinion of the Balthazar community — consisting of 1,103 members, some of whom are players within the platform’s metaverse ecosystem. It found that one-third of them wouldn’t mind quitting their current jobs to make a living off NFT games.

Meanwhile, more than half of those surveyed (59%) said they wouldn’t mind playing NFT games while continuing with regular employment. 

Minimum NFT Income

Some of those who participated in the survey stated that quitting their jobs for full-time gaming in the metaverse would depend on their income as players. For example, 65% of respondents submitted that they can quit their regular jobs if they earn at least $42.

55% said they could quit their jobs if they regularly earn $1-$20. These respondents said that they could afford to concentrate on NFT games with the amount.

Most of those surveyed (85%) submitted that they played as groups or guilds within the metaverse due to the support they get from the community. In addition, they emphasized that socializing with peers gives players an edge due to the knowledge they acquire from more experienced users. 

Even though 32% said that they find it more interesting playing as part of a large community, 69% acknowledged that the limitation they face is their inability to afford the in-game NFT assets required to play the games.

When asked why they prefer to play at Balthazar, 67% said that what attracted them to the platform was the communal activities around the gaming metaverse. In addition, 63% mentioned the support available, while 70% said that it is all about the opportunity to make money through the games.

Full-Time Gaming

It is interesting to note that 69% of those that participated in the survey have no other sources of income apart from play-to-earn games that they access through Balthazar. These are mainly students. 27% of respondents said that they are employed in a job while 3% have more than one. 

63% said that they have at least one dependent, supported by them financially. Among these, 5% have 6-10 people to whom they give financial support. 

Taking Care of Basic Needs

More than half of those polled stated that they had used part or all of their earnings to care for basic needs such as food, housing, and paying bills. In addition, 19% said that earnings from play-to-earn NFT games have contributed to their education.

The CEO of Balthazar, John Stefanidis, said that it is not surprising that its metaverse project has provided people with earning opportunities that many are willing to quit their jobs for.

Stefandidis said that:

“There is something special about Balthazar’s community, as we bring a unique experience unlike other guilds. We believe in creating a fun and nurturing community and we provide support and training as well as loads of fun initiatives.”

He added that NFT play-to-earn games are the biggest disruptive phenomenon in the crypto space at the moment. This, according to him, is the reason why there are many investors within and outside the crypto community who are willing to invest in metaverse projects. 

Balthazar did not just create a utility token, its self-sustaining gaming ecosystem contributes to the adoption of cryptocurrencies through ease of access to players.

It is a scholar-driven metaverse project poised to become the most prominent decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) through its guild of game players’ community-centered approach. In addition, it has a unique NFT rental feature, which allows users to take advantage of an NFT management program in gaming.

NFT, Shocking! NFT lovers ready to quit jobs to play games full-time

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