Six Top Platforms to Buy Crypto Easily

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Crypto is now easy to buy for a newbie who wants to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Dogecoin. If you start cryptocurrency trading, you have many options to look out for. You can even use these cryptocurrencies to place bets on College Football picks.

You can trade your cryptocurrency using a cryptocurrency broker or a cryptocurrency exchange. It is known that Bitpanda is Europe’s number one trading platform for digital assets with a focus on cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency broker is a firm or a person who serves as an intermediary between people who want to exchange money for particular products or services. 

A trader ready to trade or buy a cryptocurrency using a broker should know that a cryptocurrency broker will provide an online service for every transaction in an easy way to get premiums. Still, there are always charges using the platform, even as you use it to fund your bankroll for betting on college football predictions

In the case of cryptocurrency exchange, traders can trade online between buyers and sellers interacting with each other, unlike the possibility of using a broker, which does that automatically. Therefore, an exchange operator provides a platform for buyers and sellers to have the opportunity to trade with each other without a premium charge. 

However, the list below is platforms traders need to look into before buying or selling any Cryptocurrencies of their choice. 


Binance is one of the best cryptocurrency platforms, with the world’s largest exchange and a high daily volume of daily trading. It was designed and developed by Changpeng Zhao, a software designer. It was founded in 2017 and was registered on Cayman Island.

You need to first download the Binance application on your mobile phone or desktop, which you need to register with your email address or phone number. After that, the next step is to complete your verification on your Binance account after registration to unlock the fiat deposit and withdrawal limits. 

The complete verification takes minutes and contains your basic account information, ID documentation, and a selfie or portrait picture. After the confirmation, you need to provide a proper security system to keep your account safe, and you’ve got the power to increase the security level of your Binance account.

However, the next step after verification is to deposit crypto. It could be either you transfer from a wallet you have before into your new Binance account or buy new crypto, depending on your country. You can purchase crypto on your Binance account using a debit/credit card or a peer-to-peer method.  


In the history of cryptocurrency, Coinbase was the first significant crypto business to go public in the U.S, where trading began at the rate of $38 in April on Nasdaq, which gave the cryptocurrency exchange its first market cap of over $90 billion on a basis. 

Coinbase is an app like Binance that allows traders to buy and sell any cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. You can also use the app to convert any cryptocurrencies to another or send or receive cryptocurrencies from friends, or other people who use it to bet on college football picks against the spread.

To buy Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, firstly, you need to download the application on your mobile since it’s easier to trade on phones. Register using your email and click the start option. 

However, you need to verify your account after registration. You can click the link sent to your mail and receive a code sent to your number. 

Like the Binance app, you fill in your details, also linking the account you want with your Coinbase account for every purchase. After the verification, you can then ahead deposit your money and buy any crypto you wish on the app, and you need to know that Coinbase will take a percentage on any purchase. is one of the top platforms to buy cryptocurrencies that offer a native coin. It’s also one of the trusted platforms that allow users to buy, sell or trade any cryptocurrencies of their choice plus, they provide the best security and a digital wallet. 


Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange and bank mainly based in the United States and was founded in 2011. Its value was $10 billion in the middle of 2022. It provides trading exchange between cryptocurrency and money currencies and gives price information. 


Hodlnaut is also a financial platform that provides accessible services for users to invest in digital assets. Its usefulness is based on the everyday crypto slang HODL, meaning “hold on for dear life,” giving traders the chance to hold their crypto assets for the long term and better returns on profits. 


BlockFi is also one of the best trading platforms where you can buy, sell and trade over 30+ crypto assets at the best price and store them in one convenient place. It remains one of the few retail earning platforms in the United States.  

Crypto, Six Top Platforms to Buy Crypto Easily

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