Sparklo (SPRK) Dives Into Its Presale’s Second Phase As Neo (NEO) Gets Bearish Sentiments

Sparklo (SPRK) Dives Into Its Presale's Second Phase As Neo (NEO) Gets Bearish Sentiments

After the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2017, many stakeholders have fluxed, causing investors to think twice about investing in specific projects. For a successful Web 3 project to keep strong in all cycles, it must have a substantial innovation that keeps driving investors into the project. We will examine how Sparklo will change the investment industry and how it fares with Neo (NEO).

Bearish Sentiments On The Price Of Neo (NEO)

Neo (NEO) describes itself as a “rapidly growing and developing” network to serve as the cornerstone for the future economy where digital assets, identities, and payments coexist.

When it originally debuted in February 2014 under Antshares, this project was considered China’s debut public blockchain. The open-source protocol changed to Neo (NEO) three years later.

The team behind this project runs an EcoBoost campaign intended to encourage individuals to create decentralized apps and smart contracts on its blockchain and a global community of developers that construct new infrastructure for the network and remove entry hurdles. A popular indicator for determining if a cryptocurrency is oversold (below 30) or overbought (over 70) is the Relative Strength Index (RSI) momentum oscillator. The NEO market is now in a rather negative position, as the RSI reading is 32.75.

Several analysts have predicted that people’s sentiment towards Neo (NEO) is bearish. Based on today’s pivot point (P1) at $10.13, Neo (NEO) has support levels of $9.95, $9.81, and $9.63, with the last being the strongest. The resistance levels for NEO are also at $10.27, $10.45, and $10.58.

The current Neo (NEO) price is $10.25, with $27,781,419 trades for the day. It has a total supply of 100,000,000 and a circulating supply of 70,538,831.


Sparklo (SPRK) In Second Phase

Sparklo is built on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to create the first alternative investment platform that allows users to trade and invest in fractionalized NFTs backed by precious metals. Unlike the traditional metals market, the platform will eliminate intermediaries and decrease transaction fees. 

Sparklo will employ the security features available on the ERC-20 network. The KYC application has been submitted and approved. Also, Interfi Network has audited the smart contract that governs Sparklo. 

The level one presale ended yesterday, and Sparklo has begun its second presale phase. The price of a token is now $0.019, and buyers will get a 30% bonus on all tokens bought. 

The three steps in Sparklo’s roadmap include developing the SPRK smart contract, designing and developing the website, and launching the presale. Stage two includes promoting the platform, staking smart contract construction and audit, locking team tokens, and verifying KYC, all of which are already completed. Release of the platform’s beta version, establishing partnerships, application for CEX listing, ranking in the top 250 on CoinMarketCap, special burn event, and renunciation of ownership will all occur during stage three.

Find out more about the presale:

Sparklo, Sparklo (SPRK) Dives Into Its Presale&#8217;s Second Phase As Neo (NEO) Gets Bearish Sentiments

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