Sparklo (SPRK)- Fractionalized Investment Platform Backed by Silver, Gold, and Platinum

Sparklo (SPRK)- Fractionalized Investment Platform Backed by Silver, Gold, and Platinum

Sparklo is an investment platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to invest and trade fractionalized NFTs backed by real-world assets such as silver, gold, and platinum. Each investment results in an NFT being minted, which users can then invest in, and if they purchase the entire NFT, they can have the real-world asset delivered to a location of their choice.

Features Of Sparklo (SPRK)

One of the key features of Sparklo is its innovative approach to alternative investments. It allows investors to invest in luxury assets that were previously only accessible to a few wealthy individuals.

With Sparklo, investors can invest in NFTs representing real luxury investments in platinum, gold, and silver bars.

Another important aspect of Sparklo is its focus on security and long-term measures. Sparklo is built to last; this is evident in the efforts put in place by the development team. One of these is the locked liquidity, which will remain locked for at least 100 years. 

The platform has been audited and has passed the audit with Interfi Network. It proves that their operations are according to standards and they are genuine. The newly received KYC indicates that the DEV team is open and dedicated to the cause. 

Additionally, a restriction will be placed on the tokens made available to the Dev team. This will be a temporary restriction for at least 100 days. During this period, while SPRK tokens will be tradable on decentralized exchanges and trading platforms, the tokens will not be able to dump their coins for another 100 days.


The Sparklo (SPRK) Tokenomics

The Sparklo project will be creating just 1 billion SPRK tokens. From this limited supply, different allocations will be made for presale, staking rewards, marketing, exchange listings, team tokens, and advisory team.

The presale is currently in stage two, as stage one has ended. SPRK tokens are now being sold for $0.019 per SPRK token. This presale stage has a 30% bonus and will be on until June 20, 2023. Interested individuals who missed stage 1 can leverage this second opportunity and get aboard Sparklo. 

In addition to being an investment platform, Sparklo will also work with jewelry stores worldwide. These stores will be exclusive and luxury brands that are affordable only to a few. However, this partnership will give all SPRK holders direct access to these stores and their new releases.

The partnership will help the brands market their products while offering massive discounts to their users. It will undoubtedly be a win-win situation for Sparklo users and jewelry stores.

Roadmap Of Development Within Sparklo (SPRK)

The platform’s roadmap is divided into three stages, with stage one focusing on smart contract creation, website design, smart contract audit, research, data gathering, and marketing. Stage two includes KYC, team token lockup, liquidity lockup, Uniswap listing, staking app release, and platform marketing.

Stage three involves partnership formation, beta platform release, CEX listing application, top 250 on CoinMarketCap, special burn event, and ownership renouncement. This roadmap has been followed until stage 2, get into the project early to get massive rewards. 

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