Sparklo (SPRK) Ongoing Stage Two Presale Impresses Investors, Kava (KAVA) Shows Slight Improvement While Injective (INJ) Drops

Sparklo (SPRK) Ongoing Stage Two Presale Impresses Investors, Kava (KAVA) Shows Slight Improvement While Injective (INJ) Drops

The highly regarded investment platform Sparklo has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the crypto ecosystem with the adoption of its features by many investors. As investors are incorporating different tokens into their portfolios, Sparklo has become one of the bullish tokens edging out popular tokens such as Kava (KAVA) and Injective (INJ).

While Kava (KAVA) has enjoyed a renaissance in recent times, Injective (INJ) is struggling in the red zones. Let’s have a look at Sparklo and see why it has become a groundbreaking project in the crypto industry.

Sparklo (SPRK) ongoing second stage presale attracts investors

After recording huge success in the first stage of its presale, Sparklo is currently in the second stage of presale with more promises. The blockchain-based investment platform, which allows investors to purchase a stake in the metal industry by investing in physical assets has attracted the attention of skeptical investors in the current ongoing second stage of presale.

The Sparklo project allows investors to invest in fractionalized NFTs that are pegged to underlying physical assets such as gold, silver, and platinum. Investors can get these assets delivered to their doorsteps by purchasing an entire NFT instead of purchasing a fraction of it. This represents a unique opportunity for jewelry stores to market their product in the crypto community with Sparklo helping them to bring their products to the crypto market.

For those still skeptical, Sparklo has been audited by Interfil Network and the KYC application is in progress. They plan to lock liquidity for 100 years, signifying that Sparklo is a genuine investment and it is here to stay. The Sparklo presale is now at its second stage and the price is going for $0.026 per token, which still guarantees a good return on investment, particularly with the potential of Sparklo to become a blue-chip cryptocurrency. We believe this is a unique investment opportunity which you should check


Kava (KAVA) beats the $1 mark as price continues to surge

Holders of Kava (KAVA) are reeling in excitement after yet another price surge in the last 24 hours. Kava (KAVA) has been giving a sign of a renaissance since the beginning of the month, but the recent 24-hour price surge by 3.35% catapulted the price value to $1.0932.

The technical analysis chart of Kava (KAVA) is also giving a reason for optimism with the potential to consolidate its grip on the $1 support level. In this case, it is imperative for Investors to monitor how Kava (KAVA) reacts to the current support level. Breaking or holding this support and resistance level will indicate the direction of Kava (KAVA)  in the long run.

Injective (INJ) make holders dejected as price slump by 2.93%

While Sparklo is ruling the crypto market, Injective (INJ) is yet to come to terms with the bearish trend after another price slump left investors dejected. Although the price of the Injective (INJ) coin surged by 19% two days ago, however, the last 24 hours performance by Injective (INJ) has put a dent on the anticipated bull run.

Currently, Injective (INJ) is trading at $6.79, representing a 2.93% decrease. Although the 24-hour trading volume is still at a relative $52 million, investors are beginning to doubt the future of  Injective (INJ) because of the inconsistent performance. Smart investors are already moving over to the latest Sparklo project in a bid to recoup their losses and stay safe in case the Injective (INJ) coin doesn’t survive the current downward price movement. 

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