Sparklo (SPRK) Unstoppable as Aptos (APT) Enters Downtrend

Sparklo (SPRK) Unstoppable as Aptos (APT) Enters Downtrend

One of the peculiarities of the Crypto market is the exclusivity and high level of independence of projects irrespective of shared Blockchain technologies. In a generally bearish market, some viable crypto projects may be bullish while others may suffer a bearish fate. This is the case of Aptos (APT) and Sparklo, whereby Sparklo is bullish and Aptos (APT) is bearish.

Sparklo (SPRK) growth projection exponential

Every crypto trader knows that hodling  most of the crypto assets in the past few months has been grossly unprofitable. While some have little or no movements at all, some crypto projects have suffered extreme value loss which has plunged a lot of investors into loss.

While this may be the case for most projects, the reverse is the case for Sparklo. Sparklo has only had Bullish movements with experts projecting a 1500% increase by the end of 2023. This growth is however not a product of luck but that of carefully planned and solid project use cases and offerings. Sparklo is anchored on a solution-based project which allows investors to have fractional ownership of precious metals through its NFTs and Utility token. 

Sparklo’s spectacular project structure has been responsible for the huge figures recorded at the Presales following known investors pitching their tents with Sparklo. Following Sparklo’s audit certification by Interfi Network and a liquidity lock-up period of 100 years has also assured potential investors of the safety of their investments. Additionally, Sparklo’s stage two Presale price is at just $0.026. When compared with the potential gains to be benefited from Sparklo, this price is definitely the lowest Sparklo will ever be. This is probably why seasoned investors are investing heavily in the Blue-chip project.

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Aptos (APT) set for more downward trends

The selling pressure on Aptos (APT) in the past few days has been responsible for the bearish indication which threatens to plunge it 15% downwards.

The rapid sell pressure witnessed by Aptos (APT) is not unconnected to its inability to satisfy investors’ need for profits. Rather than an upward movement, Aptos (APT) has been struggling between a range market and a bear market with investors incurring several losses. The advent of Sparklo has increased sell pressure on most projects as investors are now getting on the Sparklo train and investing heavily in the Presale.

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