Stablecoin reserves on centralized exchanges cross the $19B mark

stablecoin, Stablecoin reserves on centralized exchanges cross the $19B mark
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  • Stablecoin deposits on cryptocurrency exchanges crossed over $19 billion.
  • Transactions volumes of USDT, USDC, BUSD increased significantly in the last five days.
  • Whales accumulating Bitcoin rising.

JAIPUR ( – Stablecoin reserves on cryptocurrency exchanges boomed exponentially over the past week.

The accumulated value of fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies kept rising in 2021, even with May’s drastic crypto market correction. Moreover, significant spikes on a few occasions paved the way for a continuing uptrend in stablecoin deposits in exchange wallets.

Stablecoin deposits rose exponentially throughout 2021
Stablecoin deposits rose exponentially throughout 2021. Source: CryptoQuant

From around the $3 billion figure logged during January, stablecoin deposits shot up by 84% to clock $19 billion in August. Stablecoins collectively have amassed a market cap of nearly $120 billion and command $56 billion in trading volumes.

What Does It Mean?

Previously, increasing stablecoin deposits have coincided with crypto market rallies, especially Bitcoin.

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Stablecoins facilitate speedier crypto trades since they are essentially equal fiat currency value but in crypto form. As a result, traders don’t have to fret about converting their cryptocurrency holdings to actual fiat money for making trades.

Increasing stablecoin inflows on exchanges indicates a potential buying trend for cryptocurrencies. Conversely, rising stablecoin outflows point to impending selling pressure in the market. The correlation between the stablecoin supply ratio and Bitcoin prices to date corroborates the above.

Whales Loading Up Bitcoin

Whales or large holders of cryptocurrencies have gone up in number as per ecoinometrics.

” Recently there has been some on-chain divergence between:

Small fish who are accumulating coins.

Whales who are offloading coins.

That’s not ideal to support #Bitcoin’s price, but it looks like things are changing!

observed ecoinomentrics in a recent tweet
stablecoin, Stablecoin reserves on centralized exchanges cross the $19B mark

The Bitcoin on-chain and macro analysis newsletter service noted a renewed accumulation trend amongst whales. These wealthy Bitcoin investors with holding sizes ranging from 1,000 – 10,000 BTC joined their “small fish” counterparts in placing buy bids on the top cryptocurrency.

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Accumulation sentiment has been strong amongst small fishes. And as per statistics that ecoinometrics presented, the less affluent Bitcoin holding group completely absorbed the selling pressure from whales. But whales joining the accumulation bandwagon, along with rising stablecoin deposits, points to a bullish scenario.

“Strongest on-chain accumulation in the history of Bitcoin. Bears are flat out wrong, enjoy the shake out before $50K+”

said on-chain Bitcoin analyst will Clemente

“#Bitcoin price is currently sitting at the top end of a strong on-chain support zone. Over 1.65M $BTC now have an on-chain cost basis within the $45k to $50k range The green zone below, at $31k to $40k, is also home to another 2.98M $BTC, indicative of large accumulation demand.”

noted Glassnode

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stablecoin, Stablecoin reserves on centralized exchanges cross the $19B mark

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