Stasis Network Launch Ushers in a New Era of Sustainable and User-Friendly DeFi

For many investors, the thrilling but volatile world of DeFi can often feel like a high-stakes balancing act. While the potential rewards are higher than traditional finance, the risks are equally as daunting. A multitude of yield farming projects burn brightly but briefly; their fleeting life spans and unsustainable ecosystems leave investors adrift in an ever-changing sea of opportunities. The transient nature of these ventures often forces investors onto a never-ending hunt for the next promising prospect; a task that can be as taxing as it is disheartening.

Poised to make a strong impact in this unpredictable landscape, Stasis Network emerges as a steady and promising platform in a world full of fleeting ventures. Stasis is designed to generate a sustainable stream of passive income, providing an enduring solution for crypto enthusiasts as well as those just exploring crypto for the first time. Its primary objective is to create a customizable passive income by amplifying the value of the Stasis Treasury while concurrently reducing the number of tokens in circulation. This approach marks a departure from the norm, setting Stasis Network apart as a pioneering force in the yield farming arena.

Harnessing Principal Resonance for Sustainable Yield: The Inner Workings of Stasis Network
At the heart of Stasis Network lies a powerful and unique concept: Principal Resonance. This philosophy serves as the guiding force behind all decisions made within the ecosystem, aimed at creating the maximum possible impact. Every action, every principal utilized, is intentionally orchestrated to boost returns and yields, contributing to the overall health and longevity of the network.

Our aim is to create a rhythmic, synergistic relationship between all assets within the network. This synchronization fuels continuous growth for the Treasury, resulting in prosperous dividends for all users. We like to say Principal Resonance helps us punch above our weight” says Patrick Tompkins, CEO and Founding Partner at BlockCentral Inc, Stasis Network’s parent company.

The fuel for this sustainable yield engine is the Stasis Treasury, a strategically diversified portfolio designed to generate significant future returns. Earnings from the Treasury are meticulously used to reward users, fuel further growth, facilitate additional protocol development and burn Stasis (STS), the protocol’s deflationary native token.

In essence, Stasis Network combines the philosophy of Principal Resonance, sound Treasury management, an on-chain mutual fund approach, and strict security measures resulting in a staking and yield farming platform designed to weather both bull and bear markets. This structure delivers the perfect environment for traditional finance and crypto-curious users to explore deeper investments in digital assets and blockchain.

No Locks, No Timers: A True DeFi Experience
One of the key differentiators of the Stasis Network is its user-centric approach. Uniquely, the protocol does not impose any locks or timers on its users’ assets. We have seen time and time again that locking can result in significant short-term losses. Just recently, the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap’s native token CAKE lost 50% of its value in one week due to their staking locks expiring.

In an industry where protocols frequently “hold users hostage” through locks and timers, Stasis Network has chosen to prioritize shareholder sentiment and chose to break the mold. This means that users can control their assets and navigate the platform on their terms, with no restrictions. As Patrick, Stasis Network’s CEO puts it, “there are no hostages in Stasis.”

A Level Playing Field: No Shadow Funding and Team Tokens
Led by a professional and experienced team, Stasis Network will be a Smart Network for Smart Users. Stasis stands out for its commitment to fairness and equality. Stasis Network’s development and marketing were fully funded by the team. There was no secret discount seed round or VC funding with strings attached. The team has also made a bold move in deciding not to allocate any initial tokens for themselves. Instead, they will be investing side by side with users, ensuring a level playing field for everyone. This is a clear demonstration of the team’s confidence in the platform and its commitment to its users.

Dynamic Strategies: Empowering Users

Stasis Network takes user empowerment a notch higher with its innovative feature, Dynamic Strategies. This unique feature hands control back to the users, allowing them to customize their own passive income strategies. By offering such flexibility, Stasis Network is indeed a trailblazer, placing power in the hands of the users, where it truly belongs.

Liquid Decaying NFTs: A Lifelong Reward System

A particularly exciting feature of the Stasis Network is its NFT collection. Unlike typical NFTs, Stasis Network’s NFTs pay holders weekly rewards for life and allow users to redeem them for a fee if they no longer desire to hold them. This approach not only adds value to the NFTs but also provides a sustainable reward system for holders, making them a potentially lucrative long-term investment.

Upcoming Launch: Setting the Stage for Innovation in DeFi

The Stasis Network brand is set to go live on May 15, paving the way for an exciting June filled with a protocol presale, an NFT minting event, and the launch of the protocol on the Polygon blockchain. 

The collaboration with Polygon, the industry-leading Layer 2 solution, further adds to the platform’s appeal. This strategic partnership promises to enhance Stasis Network’s capabilities while also providing numerous benefits for its users. By leveraging Polygon’s scalable and efficient blockchain solution, Stasis Network is well-positioned to deliver an exceptional DeFi experience.

The genesis of the Stasis Network can be traced back to the remarkable success of the innovative MakeDefiBetter (MDB) ecosystem. MDB, with its groundbreaking deflationary protocols, demonstrated a powerful proof of concept and introduced a fresh approach to passive income. Now Stasis Network is poised to take this legacy forward. With its ambitious goal to harness the power of deflationary protocols and bring these opportunities to a broader audience on the Polygon network, Stasis Network represents the next exciting chapter in DeFi’s evolution.

, Stasis Network Launch Ushers in a New Era of Sustainable and User-Friendly DeFi

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