Stasis Network Partners with Industry Leaders to Grow the Borders of DeFi

Stasis Network, an on-chain mutual fund protocol, is making significant strides in expanding the boundaries of DeFi through strategic partnerships. After its May 15th brand launch, Stasis is announcing multiple new partnerships which will further enhance its ecosystem. 

By joining forces with industry leaders, Stasis Network is expanding the frontiers of DeFi and driving innovation in the crypto space. This approach ensures that the collective expertise and resources of partners are leveraged to drive mutual success.

By modeling itself using traditional finance terminology, i.e. mutual fund, Stasis Network aims to provide a well-built, sustainable, and customizable passive income option for crypto portfolios, appealing to both the growing crypto-curious crowd and the seasoned DeFi enthusiasts seeking stability amidst market turbulence.

New Partnership to Enrich the Stasis Ecosystem

Stasis Network is announcing many new exciting partnerships to establish a solid foundation for its innovative ecosystem. By collaborating with these esteemed partners, Stasis Network aims to revolutionize the DeFi landscape, fostering innovation, security, and growth.

They have joined forces with Solidproof, one of the top auditing companies in crypto, blockchain, and Web3, to enhance the security and reliability of the ecosystem. SolidProof is auditing the entire Stasis Network suite of smart contracts and functions. Through their rigorous process, Solidproof will provide comprehensive verification and validation of Stasis Network’s smart contracts, ensuring the utmost integrity and trust for users.

Stasis Network also formed a strategic alliance with Dappd LLC, a US-based leading development partner known for its expertise in secure Web3 innovations. This partnership empowers Stasis Network to leverage Dappd’s cutting-edge development capabilities, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly DeFi experience for all participants. Stasis will continue their collaboration with Dappd LLC to develop their StasisU Learn-2-Earn platform.

To further optimize trading strategies and liquidity within the Stasis Network ecosystem, Stasis Network has established a partnership with BreadBytes, an advanced algorithmic trading bot service. Stasis users will also be able to access BreadBytes services at a discount. By combining their expertise, Stasis Network and BreadBytes will enable users to seamlessly engage in cryptocurrency trading and enhance their overall DeFi experience.

Furthermore, Stasis Network has joined forces with LunarStrategy, a growth-oriented Web3 marketing agency specializing in strategic guidance and growth hacking. This partnership allows Stasis Network to tap into Lunar Strategy’s extensive industry insights and growth expertise, positioning the platform for accelerated user adoption and expansion.

These strategic partnerships signify Stasis Network’s commitment to collaboration and innovation in the DeFi space. By combining the strengths and expertise of these industry leaders, Stasis Network is poised to redefine the future of decentralized finance, bringing forth new possibilities and opportunities for the entire crypto community.

We are excited to join forces with these esteemed partners as we continue to drive innovation and growth in the DeFi space,” said Patrick Tompkins, CEO, and Founding Partner at BlockCentral Inc, Stasis Network’s parent company.

Through strategic collaboration and a shared vision, we aim to build a robust and user-centric ecosystem that empowers individuals to participate in decentralized finance securely and seamlessly,” he added.

What’s Coming: Launch, Innovation, and Enhanced Features

Stasis Network is on the brink of an exciting phase, with the highly anticipated platform launch set for June. As the platform unfolds, users can expect innovative features and enhanced functionalities that further streamline and empower their DeFi experience.

Stasis Network recently unveiled its dApp through an exclusive reveal and walkthrough. This highly anticipated event showcased the platform’s intuitive interface, features, and user-friendly design.

Following the dApp reveal, Stasis Network will commence its White List registration in preparation for its launch. This exclusive opportunity allows early access to the platform and provides a firsthand experience of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Looking ahead, Stasis Network remains committed to continuous improvement and expansion. With a strong focus on user satisfaction, they have exciting plans to introduce new services and explore strategic collaborations to further enhance their ecosystem. By staying at the forefront of innovation, Stasis Network aims to push the boundaries of DeFi, delivering enhanced features and opening doors to new possibilities for the crypto community.

Stay tuned for more updates from Stasis Network as they approach their platform launch and continue to drive innovation in the DeFi space. To stay informed about the latest developments and announcements, follow their official channels and join their community. Exciting times lie ahead, and Stasis Network invites you to take part in its transformative journey in reshaping the future of decentralized finance.

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, Stasis Network Partners with Industry Leaders to Grow the Borders of DeFi

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