Tamadoge Token: New Scam in the crypto industry?

Tamadoge Coin or Token: New Scam in the crypto industry?
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YEREVAN (CoinChapter.com) – Tamadoge, a new coin from the Dogecoin-spawned crypto litter, made an effort to gain traction through extensive advertising of its TAMA token presale. However, the whitepaper does not inspire much confidence, hinting that Tamadoge could be another scam.

What is the Tamadoge token?

Inspired by a popular ’90s toy Tamagochi, Tama dogecoin claims, “Tamadoge will grow with you, becoming stronger over time, but make sure you look after them.” In the best Tamagichi traditions, the whitepaper says, “if you leave your Tamadoge for too long, then they’ll end up as a Tamaghost.”

What is the Tamadoge token?

Contract code fully audited by Solid Proof and shown to be 100% secure. Team fully verified by Coinsniper to ensure anti-rug and complete project security.

comments the website.

According to promotional articles, Tamadoge has recently “supported over $1,000,000 in investment within the first three weeks of its beta presale.” The project, which blends the Metaverse, NFTs, and Play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, “seems poised to take the crypto market by storm,” claims the webpage.

However, as the crypto market is not new to various scams and rug pulls, potential investors should proceed cautiously and consider several red flags listed below.

Is Tamadoge Coin a Scam?

Insufficient information

Tamadoge claims it has a green light from two independent auditing firms. However, getting an impartial opinion on Tamadogecoin is challenging. Thus, traders should proceed with caution before considering an early presale investment. In detail, the TAMA beta presale phase will last until Dec. 2022.

Considering the tamadoge token is not on the market yet, traders can’t assess its price. In addition, platforms like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, or TradingView do not have the necessary information on the Tamadoge coin.

Hence, potential investors are left to judge the legitimacy of the project’s claims on their own.

Anonymous team

Albeit not uncommon on the crypto market, anonymity raises doubts about the project’s legitimacy. However, the website claims the project employs a team of professionals.

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We’re backed by an expert team of crypto experts, marketers, developers, strategists and designers who know this space inside and out. Boasting impressive experience on some of the biggest crypto projects, the team has been hand-picked for success.

reads the whitepaper.

However, there is no objective way to determine who those “professionals are.”

In short, Tamadoge’s claims to be the “future of play-to-earn” should be taken with a grain of salt, and anyone considering an investment should proceed with caution.

Tamadoge, Tamadoge Token: New Scam in the crypto industry?

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