Tezos Integrated Into Wolfram Blockchain Platform

Tezos integrates with Wolfram

Wolfram Blockchain Labs announced that its DLT will utilize the blockchain resources of TQ Tezos. Tezos blockchain is now fully integrated into the Wolfram Language and Wolfram|Alpha. It will provide developers using the Tezos blockchain with a simple way to deploy smart contracts. 

This partnership allows blockchain developers with various levels of experience to significantly improve. Easing the process of building and deploying smart contracts and blockchain-based applications.

Wolfram Blockchain Labs and Tezos also unveiled a joint development project. They delivered a decentralized oracle to provide Wolfram Alpha data to all developers who use Tezos.

WBL CTO Johan Veerman spoke on the announcement. “Tezos is an exciting third generation blockchain that features a number of services and functions that will expand what’s available to our developers. We’re thrilled to work with TQ Tezos on bringing the WBL ecosystem of tools to the Tezos blockchain.”

Wolfram also spoke on its expansive knowledgebase and “algorithmbase” in the press release. They noted how it can now be used to deliver computational facts for oracles built on Tezos.

Developers who use the integrated Tezos blockchain will also be provided with heightened security and functionality. This is a result of Tezos’ formal verification framework. Which proves the correctness of properties of a smart contract as a way to reduce risks of bugs or other vulnerabilities.

WBL has emerged as one of the leading providers of data for oracle and smart contract services. They have done so by using technologies forged over three decades. The DLT-focused subsidiary of Wolfram Research, Inc, provides distributed ledger technology ecosystems to facilitate the development of smart-contract based applications. 

Tezos The Fourth Crypto Network Supported By Wolfram

Tezos has now become one of four crypto networks that are supported on Wolfram. The other three being Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano.

Additionally, Tezos recently activated its most ambitious update so far, an edo hard fork. Edo brought three major additions to the protocol, including the Sapling privacy add-on, Ticket tools and an adoption period for scheduled upgrades.

Tezos Blockchain, Tezos Integrated Into Wolfram Blockchain Platform

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