The Hideaways – crypto project that gives exposure to luxury real estate

Key Takeaways:

  • The Hideaways is a crypto project that offers exposure to luxury real estate via NFTs.
  • The presale of the project's native token, HDWY, is ongoing.
The Hideaways claims to provide exposure to luxury real estate holdings through NFTs.
The Hideaways claims to provide exposure to luxury real estate holdings through NFTs. Image from company website

NEW DELHI ( — A new crypto project, called The Hideaways (HDWY), is about to have its presale. The project aims to provide investors exposure to luxury real estate holdings by way of NFTs.

Per the details shared on their website, The Hideaways crypto project plans to mint NFTs with a luxury property underpinning them to provide value. The project claims to be the first luxury real estate investment platform that allows investments in fully managed luxury properties portfolio.

Additionally, Hideaways promises its investors a steady flow of passive income from the revenue generated from renting the properties. The firm’s website also highlights capital appreciation through NFT trading and rise in real estate value of the properties.

The Headaways roadmap for Q3 and Q4, 2022.
The Headaways roadmap for Q3 and Q4, 2022. Source: Company website

The token’s presale will is currently underway, with HDWY tokens planning to launch on Uniswap first and then on Pancake swap. Although the project’s roadmap targeted a Jul listing on CoinGecko, there has been no news on the same from the Hideaways team.

To attract investors, developers at the Hideaways crypto platform have introduced perks like tiered memberships and networking events. Per the website,

At launch, 150 Gold memberships, 75 Platinum memberships and 25 Diamond memberships will be available – tiered benefits include a global concierge, access to first-class lounges, exclusive club memberships and more.

The minimum investment for Gold membership is $10,000, and Platinum members will have to shell out a minimum of $20,000. Lastly, a diamond membership would require a $50,000 minimum investment.

The Hideaways Crypto Tokenomics

Moreover, Hideaways has introduced a native token, HDWY, which investors can use to buy the real-estate pegged NFTs. The token will help decentralize decision making in the project, with the team promising that “All HDWY token holders will be part of democratizing property investment.”

The HDWY token serves as the governance and transactional token for the Hideaways project. However, there is little clarity on the total HDWY token supply available.

HDWY token distribution.
HDWY token distribution. Source: Company website

A large supply of HDWY tokens would likely hinder the growth of its prices.

Meanwhile, of the total tokens, 34% will be available for presale, and 10% is reserved for exchange listings. 15% of HDWY token are set aside for liquidity, and marketing will get a share of 11%. Founding team members have a share of 8%.

The project developers claimed a 100% increase in gains for early investors as HDWY token prices hit $0.02 on Friday.

Despite the attractive membership offers and other perks, a lack of clarity on the available token supply might lead to a lack of trust in the project. Furthermore, early investors might start selling once the token is listed, bringing down prices.

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the hideaways crypto, The Hideaways – crypto project that gives exposure to luxury real estate

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