These Cryptos Can Pump Higher Than Ethereum (ETH) in 2023

These Cryptos, Uniswap, Chainlinkand Uwerx Can Pump Higher Than Ethereum (ETH) in 2023

Ethereum (ETH) is one of the most popular cryptos and has significantly impacted the coin market, particularly in the DeFi space. However, with a high entry point for new crypto investors and significant competition from rival Layer-1 protocols for its blockchain, market analysts are skeptical about Ethereum’s (ETH) exponential value pump in 2023.

Perhaps it is time to look elsewhere, with investors’ perspectives shifting to coins with lower entry barriers and explosive value pump potential. In this article, we will focus on three digital coins we believe can pump higher than Ethereum (ETH) in 2023.

Uniswap (UNI): Providing Decentralized Liquidity To Traders In 2023

Uniswap (UNI) is currently one of the most popular DeFi projects and has grown significantly over the past few years. Functioning as a decentralized exchange (DEX), Uniswap (UNI) uses ERC-20 tokens and an automated market maker (AMM) to build liquidity pools, enabling traders to exchange cryptos without centralized oversight.

The Uniswap (UNI) network allows users to contribute their ERC-20 tokens to the protocol’s liquidity pools and compensates them with a fee proportional to the amount staked. Then, Uniswap (UNI) makes the assets in these pools available for trading using smart contracts built on the protocol. 

Uniswap (UNI) has established worth and viability, making it one of the more reliable investments in the DeFi market. Its governance token, UNI, grew significantly in 2021 and is currently among the top twenty digital coins by market cap. According to recent data, UNI increased within the last 30 days from $6.32 to $6.40. Furthermore, experts believe that UNI can rise by over 50% to reach $9.69 within Q4 2023.

DApps must deal with various types of data from several feeds, many of which come from off-chain sources. As a result, they require an oracle data provider to integrate these numerous off-chain feeds and other data sources and put them into a digestible format. Chainlink (LINK) is the current market leader in this area.

Chainlink (LINK) consists of nodes that use various oracles to connect data and information from off-blockchain sources to on-blockchain smart contracts. These smart contracts can then be easily absorbed into the blockchains that require the data. 

Chainlink’s (LINK) role in enabling activities on several blockchain networks cannot be overemphasized. This essential role has resulted in a significant increase in the value of LINK, the utility token of the Chainlink ecosystem. 

Between February 2023 and March 2023, the value of LINK has reduced from $6.94 from $7.04. Furthermore, experts believe that the digital coin still has the potential to register more value gains in 2023, with many backing the asset to reach at least $8.96 within Q4 2023.

Uwerx (WERX): Building A Decentralized Gig Economy Space

There are about 1.56 billion freelancers worldwide. This represents approximately 46.5% of the total global workforce. With this figure set to increase within the next five years, there is a need for an innovative freelance ecosystem for clients and professionals.

That’s where the soon-to-launch crypto platform Uwerx comes in, and we firmly believe that Uwerx will disrupt the gig economy by bringing blockchain technology to freelancing.

Uwerx will deliver all the perks of blockchain technology, including security, decentralization, immutability, and transparency. The crypto platform will also offer significantly lower fees than the traditional freelance platforms (1% Fees vs. 20% at Upwork and Fiverr). Furthermore, Uwerx will offer built-in collaboration tools, personalized matching, and built-in dispute resolution while incentivizing participation and performance to deliver a seamless user experience.

However, its presale has drawn attention from all corners of the coin market. Already audited by industry standards InterFi Network and SolidProof. The presale price will start at $0.012/WERX coin and can be purchased with 18 different cryptos to enhance payment flexibility in the presale.

After the presale, the Uwerx team will establish a 25-year locking period and will waive smart contract ownership of the project when taxes get to zero. This guarantees the security of investors’ funds, fostering commitment and eliminating potential scams. 

Buying into the Uwerx presale now may have significant benefits in 2023. We are of the opinion that the value of WERX can reach $1 in Q3-Q4 2023. 

To buy the presale, follow the links below.


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