This upcoming dystopian NFT project is set to rival Disney, D.C., and Star Wars

NFT, This upcoming dystopian NFT project is set to rival Disney, D.C., and Star Wars

Last week, Disney, a $20 billion entertainment giant, announced that it would launch a collection of nonfungible token (NFT) collectibles featuring its most iconic characters and items. The declaration validated one more time that the NFT space is not going anywhere.

But Disney and many established corporate powers have tapped into the NFT sector as a means to scale their revenue models. But imagine the process in reverse: a company launching a collection of characters as NFTs first, and then moving on to make it a franchise that could directly rival the likes of Disney, D.C. Comics, and Marvel.

So it appears, such a project would serve as a rare entry point for common Joes to become a part of something that has the potential to become bigger and incredible. It is like buying a rare Pokemon card before Pokemon became famous, as long as the buyers’ creative vision for the project matches that of the NFT creators.

Enters Meta Legends metaverse

Launched by serial entrepreneurs Robin Janssens, Salim Elhila, and Maxime Hacquard, with a track record of generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue by managing a team of hundreds of employees, Meta Legends promises to utilize the so-called NFT mania to become a globally recognized entertainment powerhouse.

At the core of their promise lies a collection of 12,345 unique Meta Legends — avatars from the dystopian year of 2015 that carry the consciousness of their owners. The result is an army of futuristic characters fighting to save humanity as it comes to the brink of extension.

The super rare ones are Celestials, sixteen great guardians of the Meta Legends Metaverse that are the most powerful with god-like powers. Standing against the Celestials are thirty-three ‘Burners,’ the villains who signed pacts with the evil to improve their power and control all the classes under them.

Burners, the villains the the Mega Legends universe
Burners, the villains in the Mega Legends universe

Then there are technology thieves ‘Roboters,’ the richest ‘Goldbois,’ coders and developers ‘Matrix Angels,’ ‘Cybers,’ who are people that managed to succeed in the metaverse after the end of our current world, and ‘Roughs,’ who sacrificed what had in the physical world “to join the metaverse and save their consciousness to continue existing.”

And then there will be five heroes who would gain the opportunity to become one of the celestials — the guardians — in the Meta Legends universe. Finally, a Celestial hero will be created in the image of its owner, holding the power of a legendary celestial stone. 

Meanwhile, getting a hero also means taking your life (and that of your beloved ones) to the next level and changing it forever.

Each NFT collection mentioned above utilizes the best motion design techniques to bring each Meta Legend to life, developed by a professional team of system architects, developers, 3D graphic designers, and whatnot.


Within days after its introduction to the people of 2021, the Meta Legends followers have grown from a few to over 100,000. So the team decided to give something back to its growing community, announcing a rare competition for its Discord members.

Dubbed Meta Olympic Games, the contest involves different clues and Easter eggs hidden in different cities worldwide. With the launch scheduled towards the end of November, it’s not too late to follow their Twitter and Instagram and join their Discord to participate in Easter egg hunts, whitelist competitions, and giveaways.

NFT, This upcoming dystopian NFT project is set to rival Disney, D.C., and Star Wars

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