This Viral Memecoin’s Presale Amasses a Staggering $4.2 Million and is Eclipsing Dogecoin

This Viral Memecoin's Presale Amasses a Staggering $4.2 Million and is Eclipsing Dogecoin

The record-breaking success of DigiToads in its presale phase is making this meme coin step ahead of other top crypto coins like Dogecoin. 

DigiToads is a meme coin project with practical features backing up the stability and demand making it the best cryptocurrency project. With a deflationary token that investors and community members can use to access multiple project features, DigiToads allows its holders to enjoy various benefits and earning opportunities. 

These practical traits of the project have played a significant role in helping its native token, TOADS, become a reliable cryptocurrency for beginners in 2023. The growing demand of TOADS in the competitive market has allowed the project to sell more than 90% of stage seven’s tokens. Experts believe this consistent growth of $TOADS in a fluctuating market will soon make this crypto step ahead of DOGE.

DigiToads: A Viral Meme Coin Project That Is Here To Stay

DigiToads aims to create its metaverse called ‘The Swamp’ with unique gaming, staking, and trading features. The project is a revolutionary meme coin and the best cryptos project with a cause. It’s exciting Swamp is full of activities and earning opportunities for investors and community members. 

What backs up the practical growth and success of this best cryptocurrency project is its fast-selling, TOADS. Currently priced at 0.036 USD and will continue to rise. Furthermore, as an exploding meme coin that will soon benefit its early benefits with 450x profit returns, DigiToads allows investors to buy its native token using top currencies, including; BTC, LTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, DOGE, SOL, TRX, SHIB, etc. 

For avid gamers, the DigiToads gaming model introduces the Toad-Cade game, where players can own their digital toad. DigiToads’ play-to-earn game invites users to compete against other players and win interesting rewards with these toad pets. Players can obtain these toads by purchasing or trading them to engage in such games.  The team contributes 50% of the revenue from selling things to the prize pool by bringing and training their roads. 

In addition, those who own three or more TOADS NFTs can attend DigiToads Toad School and receive comprehensive guidance from industry professionals. This additional feature makes DigiToads a great cryptocurrency for beginners, where students can learn from the best and eventually become industry leaders themselves. Toad School alums can improve their skills and make real-time profits on The Trading Post, DigiToads’ proposed decentralized exchange. DigiToads plans to open the exchange after attracting a sizable number of ToadVestors. 

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Dogecoin Market Value in 2023: 

Dogecoin, which began as a meme or a joke, has rapidly grown in market capitalization in recent years, winning the hearts of many crypto fans. In fact, Dogecoin is the only meme coin in the entire crypto ecosystem to have increased by more than 150% in 2021. 

Despite its expanding popularity, Dogecoin has not been able to develop an image of a stable investment alternative in the eyes of smart investors as DOGE has become a fluctuating meme currency project with abrupt ups and downs. 


The viral meme coin DigiToads’ success has brought the project a staggering fundraising of more than $4.2M, while the TOADS token is still priced at 0.036 USD. This enormous early success of DigiToads as a meme coin with a cause has brought optimistic future hopes for its investors, promising 450x returns as the project proceeds to the final presale stage. 

While many meme coins are struggling to maintain stable market value, DigiToads early success and rising demand in the competitive market have made experts believe it will soon leave Dogecoin behind. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

Dogecoin, This Viral Memecoin&#8217;s Presale Amasses a Staggering $4.2 Million and is Eclipsing Dogecoin

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