Top Crypto Airdrops to Invest in 2022

Top Crypto Airdrops to Invest in 2022
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Key Airdrop Crypto Takeaways:

  • What is an Airdrop and why do crypto projects use it?
  • Three of the most prominent airdrops coming up in January 2022.

YEREVAN ( – The number of projects choosing to distribute their tokens through Airdrop increased in 2021. The trend could continue well into 2022, as several new crypto Airdrops are coming in January. However, before naming the projects, it is essential to understand what airdrops are and how they benefit the user and the project.

An Airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin to multiple wallet addresses. Typically, the Airdrop would entail a small (or not so small) ‘favor’ in return: a tweet, a mention, or a repost. The purpose of distributing tokens for free is to raise awareness of a new crypto platform, gain followers, or hope for advertisement.

The distribution can be carried out in several ways. For example, sometimes projects airdrop tokens to those who have used their product in the past.

Other teams prefer to implement the “roulette” principle. Users register on the project’s website or social media page, then a certain number of wallets is randomly selected from the registered accounts. However, regardless of the selection principle, the team drops free tokens into a wallet, in some cases without the owner’s consent.

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There are several fresh projects preparing Airdrop Crypto in 2022

#1 PLS by PulseChain

PulseChain is a fork from the Ethereum blockchain. It allegedly features “larger gas limits, faster block times, which translates to more throughput and cheaper fees.”

The project team described the Airdrop as the “biggest in crypto history,” as it will involve 170 million wallets on Ethereum. All ERC-20 token and/or NFT holders on the Ethereum Network can be eligible for distribution.

The team claimed that all ERC-20 tokens would have a copy on PulseChain once it goes live, allowing holders to benefit from a seamless transition.

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PulseChain is a new blockchain to be launched in the first quarter of 2022. It is a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain.This means that on the day that PulseChain mainnet will be launched, instead of it being an empty blockchain, it will contain all the data from Ethereum (tokens, NFTs, smart contracts, addresses, transaction history & states). 

Everything any address owns on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 & NFTs), the same address will own on PulseChain on day 1. No action from a user’s perspective is required. Just wait for it to launch and the tokens will be there. 

specified the website.

#2 STLY by Starly DAO

Starly is a decentralized exchange platform on Binance Smart Chain. It aims to maximize BSC token trading, farming, and staking revenue. The token has a low transaction cost at just 0.1%. With higher than average yields and reliability, the project’s Liquidity Pool promises rewards to early adopters.

Starly announced the Airdrop will last until Jan 19. After that, 45,050 winners will receive 1 million STLY tokens. Additionally, all participants will get a $2.00 prize, and fifty random addresses will receive $200.

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Moreover, the users who receive the Airdrop will gain access to the Inner Club and Starly Finance Club. They could also take profits by trading the STLY tokens.

#3 SWRJ by Swaraj

Swaraj is a new player in the Metaverse, which came into prominence in late 2021. The project centers on the notion of self-governance and uses the Polygon Network for micro verse building and play-to-earn games.

The Airdrop will continue until Feb 28, giving away $10,000 worth of SWRJ to random 100 participants. To earn entries, the users will have to complete “simple tasks,” and each referral can earn them five entries. More entries equal more chances to win an airdrop. The team also presented a simple step-by-step for users to participate correctly.

The project has an active social media following, including Telegram, Twitter, and other platforms.

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There are many more crypto airdrops coming each month. However, it is essential to remember that not all projects are legitimate, and receiving an airdrop from a questionable project can expose the holder to potential harm. So one of the main principles of dealing with Airdrops is DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

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