TRON Partners With Reef Finance To Boost DeFi Capabilities

With consumers always on the lookout for cheaper alternatives for interacting with decentralized finance apps. TRON looks to be stepping up with their latest announcement. TRON revealed a new partnership with Reef Finance and will be integrating Reef’s DeFi network into the Tron ecosystem.

This collaboration will open the possibility for all Reef users to directly interact with TRON dApps within the Reef platform. Creating an easy-to-use entrance point.

Reef is a cross-chain DeFi network that offers access to liquidity from both centralized and decentralized exchanges to its users. Reef also optimizes users’ yields by offering the best possible trading rates. For any digital asset available and runs on its AI-based Reef Yield Engine. A component of the platform that aggregates liquidity into a single trading pool.

The AI can help lower the entry point barriers for new users looking to enter crypto. As it is built to analyze the trading landscape and help Reef users make the best financial decisions possible.

DeFi continues to see major growth, going from less than $1 billion in total value locked in early 2020 to over $40 billion today. One of its biggest selling points is the ability to trade freely without market manipulation. After the world was exposed to the hypocrisy of the stock market. Via the Gamestop and AMC fiasco, decentralized apps are more important than ever.

TRON a Cheaper Alternative For DeFi

While most of the defi ecosystem builds on top of the preeminent smart contract platform, Ethereum. Many users are looking for faster and more cost-efficient platforms which TRON provides. TRON offers many of the same possibilities available through Ethereum smart contracts and DeFi, but at much lower expense.

While transaction fees on Ethereum can regularly rise above $20, it costs users $0.01 or less for a transaction on TRON. As consumers continue to look for those cheaper alternatives, this partnership between TRON and Reef will open a number of new opportunities for proponents of DeFi.

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