Vortex DeFi – Easing the Entry into DeFi

Vortex DeFi, Vortex DeFi – Easing the Entry into   DeFi

Vortex is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform to ease the entry into the lucrative DeFi ecosystem for beginners and specialists. The DeFi platform offers seamless, consolidated access to protocols like Compound Finance, Aave, and YFI from a single app. In addition, it ensures excellent security for users’ funds. This web-based DeFi platform encloses the core facets of the decentralization concept. 

Vortex Speeding up Global DeFi Adoption

Vortex was initially founded by Rahul Singh in September 2020. Founder Rahul Singh is a product manager with more than 12 years of experience in the aerospace and retail industries. He brought his years of expertise and technical capabilities with his team to build the Vortex platform. After having a proof-of-concept, Vortex decided to initial decentralized offering (IDO) on Duckstarter in February 2021. This brought IDO an immediate 25x return to investors. 

“With the resurgence of DeFi, platforms like Vortex make it easier for everyone to see their options. The fact is, with so many DeFi protocols currently in existence, it’s hard to determine where your funds will be safe, how to find the best annual percentage yield (APY), and sometimes, how to even participate. Vortex simplifies all that!” announced the team.

Vortex Features 

Vortex DeFi is a one-stop gateway and aggregator harnessing the different ecosystems (Ethereum, Polkadot, etc.) to bring together leading protocols and platforms to enable honest farmers to leverage the maximum potential of their DeFi.

Vortex ecosystem will offer a suite of applications that will allow users to do activities like NFT asset tracking, lending, insurance of crypto assets, borrowing, and providing easy (cross-chain) swapping from one crypto asset to another.

Furthermore, Vortex DeFi will be powered by Yearn Finance protocol which will facilitate the product to aggregate across different lending protocols. Like this, it will offer the best and optimized yield to the farmers automatically.

The best thing about this application is that it will provide an integrated approach to handle the DeFi assets in a simple and safe platform that will be 100% non-custodial in nature. The core focus here is user-experience, security, and privacy of data and user information.

The Roadmap of Vortex

Vortex DeFi, Vortex DeFi – Easing the Entry into   DeFi

Recently, the team has published the project roadmap.The Vortex roadmap includes the following products-

  • V-Swap: This is the seamless P2P (peer-to-peer) cross-chain crypto-asset swap feature.
  • V-Yield: Integrated with Yearn Finance protocol, yield farmers can leverage on the best lending rates and maximize profits. This makes it the most beneficial yield in one place.
  • V-NFTs: V-NFT will facilitate users to manage their NFT asset management and swaps within the Vortex ecosystem.
  • V-Insure: Insure your DeFi exposure within the Vortex itself where it integrates with leading insurance protocols. 
  • V-Pay: These are the fiat ramps to buy and sell tokens with your credit card or bank account.

The Vortex DeFi products will help you unravel your daily tasks, especially if you are into yield farming.

Not only this, the Vortex team has stated that its additional plans include cross-chain expansion from ETH to BSC and DOT is in progress.

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