WAGMI, a new gaming token on the block amid growing P2E dapp popularity

WAGMI, a new gaming token on the block amid growing P2E dapp popularity
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Key Takeaways:

  • $WAGMI token shifted its vector, from meme coin to gaming coin.
  • The P2E community grows with new projects and users.

YEREVAN (CoinChapter.com) – WAGMI a new gaming token is a well-known acronym in the crypto community. It stands for “We’re all gonna make it,” which became a mantra for many crypto enthusiasts. The idea of financial freedom and independence from “Big Brother” and global corporations fuelled many to turn to the crypto market for profit.

The $WAGMI token team took that idea and turned it into their slogan, as the meme-coin claims it is “here to shake up the meme coin space.” In detail, the WAGMI coin is an ERC token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It features a 10% reflection buy tax for holders and breaks the sales tax into 5% marketing and 5% development.

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Additionally, Twitter allegedly shut down the WAGMI coin’s official page for “shilling too hard.” The team shrugged it off as “haters gonna hate” and repeated the mantra.

P2E could save WAGMI?

The team initially presented the token as a meme coin. However, soon after, they acknowledged that play-to-earn gaming (P2E) could have more potential in the crypto community. It seems betting on the gaming industry was the right move for many projects in Q4 2021.

According to Bloomberg, P2E games’ user popularity surpassed DeFi as a sector. Axie Infinity kicked off the trend in October, but many other tokens have jumped on the bandwagon since then.

Pedro Herrera, the senior data analyst at DappRadar, commented on the blockchain gaming craze.

We see around 80-100 million transactions in games daily. It’s just impressive to see the evolution that blockchain games have experienced this year. […] They create micro economies of their own. It’s something that’s going to be big.

said the analyst.

According to DappRadar’s research, there were over 1,200 blockchain games as of early December, with approximately 70 new ones adding daily, so $WAGMI is not the only token in a hurry to get a piece of the pie. The pie is growing rather massive, too, with $14 billion invested funds between the top five gaming dapps.

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Time will show if the gaming niche treats the WAGMI token better than the meme coin community. According to the whitepaper, the team’s first game will launch in Q1 2022.

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WAGMI, WAGMI, a new gaming token on the block amid growing P2E dapp popularity

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