WestCoastNFT helps artists generate $23 million in revenue

Vancouver-based WestCoastNFT has worked behind some of the most successful NFT drops, helping artists generate 23M in revenues in 3 months
Canadian WestCoastNFT helps artists generate $23 million in revenue. Credit: WestCoastNFT

Key Takeaways

  • WestCoastNFT has successfully helped artists make $23 million in revenue in just three months after launch.
  • The Vancouver-based agency is behind over thirteen successful NFT drops so far, including Doodles.

YEREVAN (CoinChapter.com) — Vancouver-based WestCoastNFT emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in the nonfungible Token (NFT) space three months after its launch. 

The company has already forged partnerships with some of the top rising artists and digital creators, a step that brought their artworks before their potential bidders without much hassle.

For any aspiring NFT creator, the space can be very confusing.

Having barely wrapped their heads around the very concept or application of nonfungible tokens, clueless artists then have to run from pillar to post trying to organize an NFT drop for their works. To say that most of them give up because of the complexities would be an understatement. 

WestCoastNFT claims to be a one-stop shop for all their needs. The agency’s tech-savvy team works with creators from the point of conceptualization to successfully selling their works. In addition, the team offers creators services such as blockchain development, pricing strategy, and launch execution during the journey. All these help make their NFT drops smooth and hassle-free.

“From custom smart contract development and deployment to a fully integrated web3 drop site, we will take care of the tech to ensure that your NFT drop is a success. We push the boundaries of what is possible in the NFT game,” 

WestCoast NFT’s official website assures. 
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WestCoastNFT’s $23 million success story

For Steve Mitobe, the CEO of WestCoastNFT, this journey is more than just business.

The former advertising executive is big on educating and spreading awareness about the industry. For the NFT ecosystem to succeed, Mitobe believes it is vital for consumers and artists to comprehend the industry truly. This led him to create the only full-service smart contract development agency focused on giving indie artists the tools they need to ensure their NFT drop is a success. 

“With new artists clamouring to launch their first NFT every day and make a living off of their craft, I’m surprised that little is being done to advocate for NFT-literacy,” 

he says.

WestCoastNFT’s inclusive approach seems to be working. Since entering the space, Mitobe’s team has helped artists and creators generate a whopping $23 million in revenue. The smart contract development agency has not done badly for themselves either, making $2 million in just three months.

WestCoastNFT now boasts of 13 impressive drops under its belt, including the popular Doodles NFT collection, which had a total sale volume of $29.67 million this week alone. Other launches that made a lot of noise in the space include Love is Love by artist Shavonne Wong, 888Secret Society of WhalesBased Fished Mafia, and Boneheads.

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Invest in NFTs, but be smart about it

When it comes to investing in NFTs, Steve Mitobe advises exercising caution. He notes that a thorough background check of the artist, the founders, and the community is important. This will help make the right call, especially for those looking to profit from them in the long run. 

“If you are looking to purchase an NFT as an investment opportunity, then stay on the pulse of what communities are growing the fastest by following key players on Twitter and checking the stats on OpenSea,

Mitobe says.

There are other pointers to making the right call, according to Mitobe. The presence of an open marketplace shop, project scarcity, community engagement, future drops, etc are other indicators.

The WestCoastNFT founder also calls on all artists to join hands in spreading NFT-literacy rather than helping the community continue as an exclusive club. If NFTs are to go mainstream, everyone has to be helped in on the action, or it will not succeed. 

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