Why Bitcoin Spark is the New Cardano: A Deep Dive into Cryptocurrency Innovation

Why Bitcoin Spark is the New Cardano: A Deep Dive into Cryptocurrency Innovation

The cryptocurrency arena  is a highly lucrative space that exhibits features of complexity, high volatility and immense returns.  For this reason, the niche has been an area of focus for retail and institutional investors who work around the clock to identify stable and profitable assets that offer a climate of support and accountability. In targeting this, developers have developed numerous projects that solve challenges that limit the industry’s growth. New players in the crypto space like Bitcoin Spark and Cardano show potential to establish a conducive investment environment for crypto enthusiasts.  

Is Cardano a Good Investment? 

Cardano is a blockchain powered project that supports smart contacts and a decentralized ecosystem. The project was designed and developed by Charles Hoskinson who is a renowned cryptographic figure and a co-founder of rival project, Ethereum. Cardano has a unique approach to scalability and decentralization compared to Ethereum. Its features have made it an attractive investment opportunity. Its future profitability in investment lies within several factors including its tokenomics,  network participants, smart contact applicability, and gas fees. However, Bitcoin Spark shows more potential to reward investors than Cardano.

Will Cardano go up? 

Cardano is a unique project that has a specified architecture to offer solutions for high gas challenges.  It offers blockchain services at lower gas fees and has since become more accessible to a larger audience. Cardano uses the PoS mechanism which makes it an energy-efficient project. Considering its unique features and benefits offered,  it is possible to expect an upsurge for Cardano, but it’s still speculative since the crypto realm is a highly volatile space and incoming projects like Bitcoin Spark have more potential. 

Bitcoin Spark’s Invasion into the Crypto Space

Bitcoin Spark is a new DeFi project that shows potential to outperform Ethereum and Cardano by solving major shortcomings associated with the Bitcoin network. The Bitcoin Spark network has its gas coin, BTCS, which will be used to pay network validators and reward community members. The fees will be a similar variable to other crypto projects including instantaneous demand and contract complexity.

Bitcoin Spark is having its phase two ICO that offers BTCS tokens at a discounted price of $1.75 each. Additionally, every purchase made during this period will garner a 15% bonus as well as projected gains worth 657% at the time the project goes live in November. Considering this initial coin offering opportunity, enthusiasts can participate in this new ecosystem by buying BTCS tokens which offer a similar chance of purchasing Bitcoin at $1.

Validators in the Bitcoin Spark project are encouraged in the lightweight platform that allows lower-power devices to run the network. These community members are also rewarded using the Proof-of-Process system that  mans the network. The Bitcoin Spark application additionally avails services including mining, reward distribution,  and processing power sharing. However, mining BTCS tokens has not yet started.

Bitcoin Spark

Bitcoin Spark’s layered smart contract execution system will be compatible with both high-level and low-level programming languages giving room for third-party developers to grow the network. The project will allow smart contract deployment in EMV-compatible languages, Vyper and Solidity. Another parallel layer will be incorporated in the network tol allow contract deployment in Rust to legalize and execute transaction settlements for community members on the network. 

Bitcoin Spark is a Bitcoin hard fork network that shows similar tokenomics to the parent Bitcoin blockchain network. It has a maximum token supply of 21 million BTCS tokens of which 21.66% of this (4.55 million tokens) are distributed in the launch supply. 

The project also has a pre-network launch liquidity pool and exchanges totaling 2.38% of the max supply, accounting for 500,000 tokens and 50,000 tokens to the team pioneering the project’s development. The remaining 16.45 million will be allocated to mining rewards that will be disbursed to community members in a duration that exceeds 120 years.

Final Word

Investing in Bitcoin Spark and Cardano offers a better portfolio advantage since both projects are unique in their way. Investors can gain profits as well as utilize these projects to their advantage including deploying smart contracts or mining and allowing sharing of processing power. Bitcoin Spark is set to lead the crypto world with its incredible benefits similar to but more advanced than those of Bitcoin. 

Learn more about Bitcoin Spark on:
Website: https://bitcoinspark.org/ 
Buy BTCS: https://network.bitcoinspark.org/register

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