Will the Next Bull Run Propel Arbitrum (ARB), DigiToads (TOADS), and Chainlink (LINK) to the Top 5 Crypto?

Will the Next Bull Run Propel Arbitrum (ARB), DigiToads (TOADS), and Chainlink (LINK) to the Top 5 Crypto?

Market timing has been a buzzword enticing investors for as long as the financial industry has existed. However, the concept of investing in an altcoin right before it goes viral is a lot simpler than in reality – when dealing with a highly dynamic market, any piece of information could make a world of difference. 

If you want to get ready for the next bull run, here’s what you should know about Arbitrum (ARB), DigiToads (TOADS), and Chainlink (LINK). 

DigiToads’ 450% Growth Awes Investors

DigiToads is perhaps one of the main cryptos with the highest potential to break records. Just like with stocks, new entrants on the crypto market have huge potential for rewards compared to more mature DeFi companies, simply because their growth potential and adoption are uncharted waters. 

The rising star has already generated 260% returns for its early investors; available for only $0.01, the TOADS native token is now $0.036. Currently in the seventh presale stage, the token is expected to launch on major exchanges for a minimum of $0.055, which means 450% returns for its early holders. 

There are several catalysts for growth that underpin DigiToads’ impressive performance and ability to climb to the top of the leaderboard. The ecosystem is a play-to-earn platform that attracts crypto gamers with an immersive world, complex digital toads characters, and fighting competitions that reward them with TOADS erc20 coins

Apart from this, another shining feature of DigiToads is the stake-to-earn mechanism. TOADS holders, whether they are active players or not, can buy and stake NFTs on the platform, which rewards them with a stream of passive income. The staking pool is designed to collect 2% of all transactions on the platform, then distribute them equally among NFT stakers. 

TOADS tokens combine the best features of the viral meme coin market – such as the entertaining image of the popular toad and a vibrant community – with utility and many use cases. These attract long-term investors who want to add a deflationary token to their holdings which will keep increasing in the future. Also, many contests and competitions organized for gamers and traders appeal to a broad audience, which will propel TOADS to the sky. 

Investors who want to join the growing DigiToads world can do so by purchasing their tokens at a discount before they launch on Uniswap and Bitmart, two of the most popular exchanges in the world. Once they do, their value could grow exponentially, rewarding early investors with explosive returns. 

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Arbitrum’s Surge in Users Linked to Price Action

In the past months, Arbitrum’s both number of users and price performance were correlated, both delivering positive signals. At press time, the price climbed by over 12% in the past week only. 

However, in the last days of May, Arbitrum-based Jimbos Protocol suffered a $7.5 million exploit, which could render ARB’s performance in the next period. The next steps may also depend on whether Arbitrum manages to recover the losses and find the attackers. 

Chainlink has recently announced joining hands with Arbitrum. This is because Arbitrum is known for its incredible speed that goes far beyond Ethereum’s. The Layer 2 solution, Arbitrum, could help Chainlink to unlock many use cases in the high-growth blockchain industry. 

This is even more important as Chainlink is already a leader in the crypto industry. This powerful solution is growing among businesses and other adopters because it allows safe communication between off-chain data and Ethereum projects


If you want to invest in the next bullish DeFi crypto, DigiToads should be high on your ERC-20 tokens list. As a project in its early stages, it has impressive growth potential compared to more mature cryptos, such as Arbitrum or Chainlink. 

This could be the right moment to invest in the skyrocketing TOADS tokens, which have already increased by 260% so far and are predicted to launch at a minimum price of $0.055, up from only $0.036 at press time. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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