xHunter Geared Up to Get Live on BSC With Exhilarating No-Loss Lotteries

xHunter, xHunter Geared Up to Get Live on BSC With Exhilarating No-Loss Lotteries

xHunter is a gaming platform gearing up to have an exhilarating start to their phase one and phase two rollouts. It comprises the development of their no-loss lotteries and unique NFT gaming platform. This platform will be going live on Binance Smart Chain this year to link outdoor gaming competitions and tournaments with crypto. The platform aims at making blockchain technology more mainstream and accessible to all. The xHunter’s very foundation is established on combining both the great outdoors and Blockchain technology.

They have formulated a project that involves hosting the largest outdoor tournaments/events globally. It includes a tandem NFT ecosystem consisting of two segments- tournaments/competitions and a gaming app. The third segment will be announced after launch.

Recently, xHunter raised about $400,000 in its private sale round.  Accordingly, the team plans to raise another $500,000 in its public pre-sale on September 3. Presently, xHunter’s community is thriving, and its Telegram group has over 10,000 users. 

The trading for xHunter token ($XHT) is set to begin with a market cap of $1.5 million on September 5, 2021. This token will help regulate the forthcoming outdoor competitions xHunter will host worldwide.

xHunter Aims To Give to Its Community

The major focuses of the xHunter token are gaming, giveaways, No-Loss Lotteries, NFTs, and buybacks. The platform is taking strategic steps to assure that the demand for its token will increase instead of facing possible dumping.

For this, xHunter employs a 3 step aspect to attract investors and generate the token’s floor price by encouraging holding. The first is an amazing tier system. This system consists of 5 tiers. The one who holds more tokens ranks higher on this tier system. Similarly, the higher one ranks, the greater the possibilities of winning No-Loss Lotteries.

How Does One Join No-Loss Lotteries on xHunter?

To enter an xHunter lottery, one has to participate in the platform’s snapshot. The platform takes two pictures of its holders every 72 hours, first at the start of the 72 hours and the other at the end. Thus, depending on the first snapshot, the one holding xHunter tokens between the 72 hours will enter that tier pool.

After the first snapshot, if one buys more tokens, they automatically join the higher tier in the next cycle. On the other hand, if a holder sells their tokens after a snapshot, they are immediately disqualified from that cycle’s lottery. 

There will be a 12-hour window for investors after every 72 hours to load up and prepare for the next cycle.

The Roadmap of xHunter

xHunter’s roadmap comprises an upcoming NFT gaming platform, bigger no-loss competitions, airdrops, larger prize pools, and many more. Overall, the platform is confirming its strategy to the overall bullish market sentiment for crypto, NFTs, and gaming.

Therefore, we can be sure that the xHunter token has a lot of potentials. After all, xHunter is taking this opportunity to thrive and gain exposure as it applies even more real-world utility for investors.

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xHunter, xHunter Geared Up to Get Live on BSC With Exhilarating No-Loss Lotteries

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