About CoinChapter

About CoinChapter

CoinChapter strives to be a global presence in the cryptocurrency and blockchain digital media space. We’re proud to offer our ever-growing community up to the minute coverage on all blockchain, fintech and cryptocurrency trends and breaking news. 

Established in 2015 by Hexbite Labs Inc, Coinchapter has always been focused on educating and helping those new to crypto. From our crypto exchange filter that enabled users to find the right exchange for them to our live crypto price aggregator that ensured they were always getting the best price, Coinchapter.com has always focused on providing newcomers to the cryptocurrency space with the right tools to ensure that they’re best equipped for this ever-changing industry.

Who We Are

Our team is made up of crypto enthusiasts that have been in this space since the inception of Bitcoin. With offices in Canada, Singapore and San Francisco, we truly embrace the global, decentralized nature of our industry and will continue to do whatever possible to educate the masses on crypto and the blockchain. 


At CoinChapter, we firmly believe that even though interest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain continues to grow at a rapid rate, to become truly mainstream, it’s imperative that we continue to do everything we can to make crypto more understandable, accessible and relatable to the general public.  

, About CoinChapter

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