Category: Bitcoin

Craig Wright Suing Bitcoin Developers Over $5 Billion In Stolen BTC
Craig Wright is targeting Bitcoin developers in his latest lawsuit within the industry. Wright is suing the developers requesting that they retrieve access to BTC stolen from his personal...
Posted on Feb 24, 2021
MicroStrategy Purchases Additional 19,452 Bitcoin Valued At Over $1 Billion
Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy announced that it has increased its Bitcoin holdings by 27% after purchasing an additional 19,452 coins. The average cost per coin was $52,765, equating to...
Posted on Feb 24, 2021
Square Invests Another $170 Million In Bitcoin
Surging interest in trading among Square Cash App customers helped revenue more than double in the fourth quarter. The company has reinvested some of those profits by buying another...
Posted on Feb 24, 2021
Bitcoin Eyes Major Price Rebound as MicroStrategy Buys Another $1.026bn BTC
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) inched higher on Wednesday on prospects of Square's $700 million investment into the cryptocurrency in the previous session. And now, ahead of the New York opening bell,...
Posted on Feb 24, 2021
MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor Believes Bitcoin Will One Day Reach A $100 Trillion Market Value
The price of Bitcoin fell below $50,000 on Tuesday, taking its market value back below $1 trillion. Just last week the digital currency surpassed the mark for the first...
Posted on Feb 23, 2021
Northern Data Bitcoin Mining Operator Considering $500 Million IPO
Northern Data AG, the world’s largest Bitcoin mining operator. Is reportedly working with Credit Suisse AG on plans for a U.S. listing that could raise as much as $500...
Posted on Feb 23, 2021
Tesla Stock Is Now Directly Linked To Bitcoin
Tesla's stock price and the value of Bitcoin now directly correlate with each other according to Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives.
Posted on Feb 23, 2021
Elon Musk, Janet Yellen To Blame For Bitcoin Price Plunge
Two people are to blame for the Bitcoin price crash. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.
Posted on Feb 23, 2021
Janet Yellen Rips Bitcoin, Calling It ‘Extremely Ineffective’
United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen issued a warning about the dangers that she believes Bitcoin poses to both investors and the public. “Bitcoin is an extremely inefficient way...
Posted on Feb 22, 2021
Bitcoin Price Plunges 20%, $3.9 Billion In Liquidations Ensue
The price of Bitcoin dropped 20% Monday morning to below $47,600, resulting in a whopping $3.91 billion worth of long and short positions across the major exchanges.
Posted on Feb 22, 2021
Bitcoin Crosses $57,000 on Inflation Bets; Major Corrections Ahead?
Bitcoin hit a fresh high on Saturday as traders continued to add capital into the world's largest cryptocurrency under an impression that it would become a de-facto anti-inflation asset.
Posted on Feb 20, 2021
Bitcoin hits $1 trillion market cap, breaks another record
After gaining almost 10% over the past week and surging above $50,000 for the first time. Bitcoin has now hit a market cap of $1 trillion.
Posted on Feb 19, 2021