Big Eyes Coin (BIG)- scam or legit?

Key Takeaways:

  • Big Eyes Coin joins the meme coin squad, claiming to have additional utility.
  • The alleged audit from Solidity Finance was not confirmed.
  • CoinChapter will update the review, once more objective information becomes available, including the BIG token price.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG)- scam or legit?

YEREVAN ( – Big Eyes Coin (BIG) became the new talk of the town lately, joining the meme coin squad, challenging the seemingly endless Shiba Inu-inspired coins with a kitty coin. However, the cuteness overdose is not what solid coins are made of. Thus, a deeper look into the project is warranted.

The crypto sphere is full of scams and rug-pull schemes, and meme coins take a special place when it comes to questionable value. The Big Eyes crypto does have a whitepaper, but the latter doesn’t contain much useful information.

Big Eyes was adopted by a Rocket Scientist couple who worked at NASA. They were inseparable, and it was from them that he learned the fundamentals of space engineering. At just three years of age, however, a tragic accident involving dark matter and a YouTube experiment left him alone for the very first time.

reads the introduction.

Is Big Eyes Coin a scam?

To add more ridiculousness to the story, the whitepaper states that the sole purpose of the coin is to “save the ocean ecosystem.” The generic claim, however, is not backed by any concrete information in the document.

Furthermore, the project claims that Big Eyes will be owned by the community. “90% will be available at launch,” says the whitepaper. Meanwhile, all the available information about the Bigeyes token comes either from the anonymous team or from promotional articles, which predict a “rise to the moon” around the corner.

BIG red flags

The crypto community is long used to overly bullish claims, which typically don’t lead to success. However, there are several additional red flags.

The Big Eyes crypto team claims an upcoming price appreciation. However, the coin is not on presale yet. Thus, the price is not up to impartial evaluation. Investors might need to take the team’s word for it, which could be potentially problematic.

Another red flag concerns the alleged audit by Solidity Finance. Here is the tweet Big Eyes project posted on Aug 30, claiming a “100% secure” verdict from the audit company.

big eyes coin, Big Eyes Coin (BIG)- scam or legit?

However, the tweet lacks available links to the report, and neither does the audit firm. CoinChapter reached out to Solidity Finance for confirmation, however, haven’t gotten an answer as of Sep 5. An update will follow when we have more feedback.

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For all the listed reasons, making a Big Eyes Coin price prediction is not possible at this time. Considering the project’s questionable fundamentals and lack of objective information, potential investors should take notice of the red flags and proceed with caution.


Solidity Finance responded to CoinChapter’s request for clarification on the Big Eyes Crypto audit and noted that the contract the project showed for the presale “does not match the code that we reviewed for the purpose of the audit.”

For example, the contract we reviewed did not contain a blacklisting mechanism. Therefore we cannot include their mainnet address on our audit report since the code on their GitHub that we reviewed seems to be different.

commented Solidity Finance via Telegram.

Additionally, the audit firm representatives commented that they avoid the use of any “security level” / “audit scores” phrases. They find it to be “somewhat of a gimmick for certain firms, and it can be seen as subjective in some instances.” Thus, Big Eyes Coin’s assertion of a “100% secure verdict” from Solidity Finance does not seem accurate.

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