Cardano chief Charles Hoskinson slams the United States over Taliban fiasco in Afghanistan

Cardano Chief Charles Hoskinson took to YouTube to slam the US Government over its failure in Afghanistan as the Taliban seized control.
Cardano Chief Charles Hoskinson. Credit: pumpmoonshot

Key Takeaways

  • Cardano Chief Charles Hoskinson slams the US failure in Afghanistan
  • As the US forces withdrew, the country slowly fell to the Tliban
  • The US-trained Afghan forces were no match for the Taliban as they took control of

YEREVAN ( — Cardano chief executive and co-founder Charles Hoskinson took to YouTube to slam the US Government over its failure in Afghanistan. While addressing his YouTube followers in the wake of the Taliban’s takeover, Hoskinson claimed the United States had lost the war in Afghanistan.

Hoskinson seemed particularly affected by the fact that thousands of veterans had sacrificed all they had, only to leave the country in the hands of the Taliban.

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Taliban is to Afghanistan what Hitler was to Germany

Drawing parallels between undemocratic regimes, Hoskinson compared the Taliban to Hitler and Saddam Hussein. 

While the United States was instrumental in deposing both Hitler and Saddam Hussein, their failure in Afghanistan draws a stark contrast.

“Taliban’s return is the equivalent of Saddam Hussein coming out of the grave and becoming dictator of Iraq again. It is the equivalent of Hitler taking back Germany at the end of WWII”

Hoskinson said.

He expressed shock that the Afghan outfit with mere 75,000 members could undermine the United States and operate shadow Governments before eventually storming back to power.

Although the US had tried to establish a democratic government in Afghanistan, the popularity of the Taliban didn’t fade. Low participation in the democratic elections throughout the years had made it abundantly clear that the failure of the US was inevitable.

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The US invasion of Afghanistan 

After the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, former Afghan fighters joined hands to form the Taliban in 1994. With ambitions to rule the country, they captured the capital Kabul two years later and imposed a strict Sunni-Islamic rule over the country. Tired of foreign intervention, they believed Afghanistan had to be an Islamic nation.

Under their rule, everything considered unIslamic was banned, including music and television. In addition, women could not work, study or participate in decision-making and had to cover themselves from head to toe.

When the Afghan terror outfit the Al-Qaida attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001, the US Government invaded Afghanistan.

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Twenty Years wasted in Afghanistan

Since the invasion, the US has spent billions of dollars supplying arms to the Afghan armed forces. In addition, the US has trained thousands of Afghan fighters to ensure that the Taliban never returns. 

However, the Taliban has seized control so smoothly, quickly, and effectively that people are left wondering where the billions of dollars went. Why did the Afghan army, trained by the US taxpayers, not step up to fight the Taliban?

The Biden administration had to eat humble pie when their calculations about the Taliban and US-trained Afghan troops turned out to be wrong.

“The fact of the matter is we’ve seen that that force has been unable to defend the country,”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

The Cardano chief also tweeted a speech by former Congressman Ron Paul. Speaking in the US Congress, Ron Paul calls for the US to withdraw from Afghanistan. 

The former lawmaker argues that the US had entered Afghanistan to fight Al-Qaeda. However, they are currently leading a futile war against their former allies, the Taliban. Arguing for the withdrawal, Ron Paul pressed that the US troops return home, “the sooner, the better.”

Afghans feel betrayed

The Cardano chief also expressed concern over the fates of millions of women and religious and sexual minorities in Afghanistan. According to him, the US had failed those Afghans, who had helped the US troops in Afghanistan. Despite promising to help them immigrate, the US Government left them at the mercy of the Taliban.

However, Hoskinson did not limit himself to criticizing the United States. The crypto mogul also took a jibe at China and Russia for their readiness to legitimize the Taliban Government. 

The Taliban regularly tries to convince Afghans and the international community that they have no reason to fear. However, the impact these developments will have on the US stock market is still unclear.

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