IOTA Announces Collaboration With Dell On Project Alvarium

Non-profit IOTA Foundation revealed a new collaboration with Dell Technologies known as Alvarium that will measure the trustworthiness of data. In addition to Dell, the IOTA Foundation was supported by Intel in the development and testing of the initiative. 

The project was originally introduced by Dell as Data Confidence Fabric in 2019. According to the IOTA Statement, the technology was re-engineered using the IOTA Streams framework. Which provides increased security and scalability, to guarantee the data trust that is imperative to organizations today.

IOTA Streams framework

The system logs different steps in the journey of each data point. As it travels from an edge or IoT device sensor, to a router, to an edge server, and to the cloud. With each interaction being given a trust rating, and a score, according to industry-specific requirements. These scores are logged on the IOTA Tangle to ensure integrity and prevent tampering.

Steve Todd of Dell Technologies spoke on the project. Saying that “The importance of data transparency is integral to how organizations in every industry move forward.”

“Data confidence is needed to manage data at scale. Creating systems of trust in this data so users at all levels understand the terms of use. Project Alvarium will create this transparency. The more companies that integrate it into their processes and systems, the closer we’ll come to a future without data ambiguity.”

Smart contracts tend to rely on oracles to provide trustworthy data. Alvarium aims to extend that functionality of a first-party oracle with the added functionality of a confidence score. Which will create an industrial oracle.

IOTA and Dell will demonstrate Project Alvarium on February 24. This demonstration, according to IOTA, “paves the way for initial integration into hardware or software, and is principally aligned with industries or organizations that require a high level of compliance or supervision. It is an industry proof point that trust on the edge can be measured.”

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