Is Lingose project the “future of GameFi” or another scam?

Lingose gamefi Is the project trustworthy?
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YEREVAN ( – Lingose GameFi solution might prove valuable for the increasing number of play-to-earn gamers. However, it poses several risks. The project offers an identification process that uses DID (decentralized identifier) technology. Thus, a closer look at the Lingose will shed more light on the project’s ‘scam’ status.

Lingose GameFi project

Lingose aims to establish a Game ID system based on blockchain data, which provides qualification proof by capturing users’ on-chain behavior. Thus, it aims to create a Web3′ profile’ for each player in the industry. The said profile or Lingose gameID will document “every step and achievement of users.”

Based on the entire GameFi industry, Lingose has designed a complete system to collect and process the on-chain behavior information of these users, giving users the greatest value for on-chain behavior while protecting their privacy of users.

says the project.

Meanwhile, as the project claims it will create each gamer’s Lingose gameID, it might pose certain threats. Thus, there are several grey areas Web3 gamers should be aware of.

Lingose GameID pitfalls

The most obvious threat when it comes to GameID projects is data leaks. According to Lingose’s claim, it will collect and hold copious amounts of data on each player, while “protecting their identity.” However, considering the number of hacks and rug-pulls in the crypto sphere, all gamers should research the project carefully before trusting them with data.

With the popularity of GameFi in recent years, GameFi players urgently need an independent platform to record their on-chain behaviors to prove their value on the GameFi side. To make the interests of players more valuable, Lingose is a blockchain project that has done an excellent job in this regard

says a promotional article.

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Is the project trustworthy?

However, getting an objective opinion on the project is not easy, as most of the information on Lingose GameFi comes from either the project itself or paid promotions.

Additionally, the project has not yet gained traction on Reddit, or Github. However, according to crypto tracker CoinCarp, Lingose saw an uptrend in the Twitter following since late July.

Lingose gamefi is a scam?

Meanwhile, Lingose’s official Twitter page announced a “special airdrop.”

Lingose, Is Lingose project the “future of GameFi” or another scam?

However, gamers should be cautious, and take the potential rewards to their own risk, especially considering a low score from LaserFinance. The platform warned traders of the risk, saying “the token has too many issues,” and that “scam possibility is high.” Thus, gamers should think twice before trusting their data to an unaudited platform.

Lingose scam possibility is high

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