Laser-Eyed NFL Quarterback Tom Brady Hints Boarding Bitcoin Train

Bitcoin, Laser-Eyed NFL Quarterback Tom Brady Hints Boarding Bitcoin Train
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Yerevan ( — Tom Brady dropped a Bitcoin Bomb on his Twitter handle on Monday.

The Tampa Bay athlete posted a new profile picture depicting him with laser eyes. Industry insiders consider it to be an indication that Brady has invested in Bitcoin (BTC). Should speculations be true, he will be the latest on the list of celebrities boarding the flagship cryptocurrency in anticipation of a lucrative exit in the future.

The #LaserEyesBitcoin campaign is catching steam on Twitter. Many celebrities and lawmakers have changed their profile pictures depicting them with laser eyes to show support for Bitcoin.

The fans of the campaign aim to keep the trend going till Bitcoin touches the $100K-mark.

Elon Musk Among Laser-Eyed Celebrities

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk was among the list of celebrities who changed their profile picture in February. He did so in solidarity with the #LaserRayUntil100K campaign. Joining Musk was Wyoming State Senator Cynthia Lummis and industry experts such as CEO of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor. Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares Meltem Demirors also did the same.

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The celebrated football star made the change on Monday after Blockworks co-founder Jason Yanowitz urged him to come clean.

“Rumor has it @TomBrady is loading up on Bitcoin. Retweet if you think the GOAT should turn on laser eyes. Let’s make it happen.”, Yanowitz tweeted.

Saylor was among the first to welcome Tom Brady aboard.

#Bitcoin now has a star quarterback. Welcome to the team, @TomBrady“, he wrote.

Not Tom Brady’s First Crypto Stunt

However, this was not Tom Brady’s only crypto Bombshell this year. In April, the seven-time Superbowl champion had announced plans to launch his non-fungible token (NFT) called The Autograph. Meanwhile, other big names joined him later to ride the NFT bandwagon. With their help, Brady hopes to cash in on the fast-emerging industry.

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So far, Tom Brady has neither confirmed nor denied the speculations caused by the latest change of his profile picture. In most likelihood, he has joined the list of celebrity Bitcoin hoarders.

Bitcoin, Laser-Eyed NFL Quarterback Tom Brady Hints Boarding Bitcoin Train

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