Cardano, Bitcoin surpass Google on top brand intimacy ranking

Key Takeaways:

  • This was Cardano's first-ever entry into MBLM ranking.
  • Bitcoin outranks multinational organizations such as HBO, ESPN, eBay.
Cardano surpasses Google on top brand intimacy ranking.

LAGOS ( — Decentralized proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network Cardano is the most intimate cryptocurrency brand, according to the 2022 MBLM top brand intimacy report.

In detail, Cardano outranks many international organizations to claim the 26th position as the most intimate brand. The ranking which consisted of 600 global brands placed the blockchain platform in a significantly high position.

Cardano MBLM
Top Brand Intimacy 2022 Rankings.

While this was Cardano’s first-ever entry into the MBLM ranking it was awarded a quotient score of 52.6 out of 100. Cardano sits between Ford with a score of 52.7 and Nestle with 52.5.

“Cardano (ADA) quotient score is 52.6. Its strongest archetype is indulgence. Cardano (ADA) has 21% of users in the sharing stage, 11% in bonding, and 9% in fusing. Of the consumers who write about Cardano (ADA), 41.1% are in some form of intimacy with the brand.”

MBLM said.

It is worth knowing that the ranking considers the emotion users have for the brands. MBLM utilized artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to understand consumer relationships with most of the world’s leading brands.

Furthermore, the quotient score between 0 and 100 shows the emotional connection users have with the brand. Notably, 100 represents a more intense connection. Similarly, the report analyzed more than 1.4 billion words to fish out the 600 most intimate global brands.

Additionally, cryptocurrencies were included on the list for the first time, debuting in the eighth position out of 19 industries. The study noted that cryptocurrencies have outperformed traditional financial services.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Others Make MBLM Ranking

Meanwhile, Cardano is not the only cryptocurrency to enter the brand intimacy ranking as Bitcoin, Ethereum, among other digital asset protocols also appeared on the list.

Bitcoin the world’s leading digital surpassed multinational organizations like Google and HBO to rank at 30. The leading asset received a quotient score of 51.9 and holds the second position in the crypto industry. MBLM said:

“Bitcoin’s quotient score is 51.9. Its strongest archetype is ritual. BTC has 14% of users in the sharing stage, 7% in bonding, and 7% in fusing. Of the consumers who write about Bitcoin 28.4% are in some form of intimacy with the brand.”

Other crypto platforms on the ranking include Polkadot (DOT) at 111th position, scoring 43.5, and Ethereum (ETH) came in at 120, with 42.8. Additionally, crypto brands such as Uniswap and Solana also made the list at 261 and 265 positions, respectively.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that Disney, Tesla, Apple, Sony and YouTube led this year’s ranking of most intimate brands.

Mixed Reaction Trails Cardano Ranking

Meanwhile, several reactions from the crypto community have been dropping in following Cardano’S ranking on MBLM. While several folks expressed surprise at the blockchain platform claiming pole position others vented their disapproval.

Cardano, Cardano, Bitcoin surpass Google on top brand intimacy ranking

“That’s unusual how cardano beats Bicoin, Hulu, ebay and stuff like that in this rank. Always really subjective.”

A Twitter user said.
Cardano, Cardano, Bitcoin surpass Google on top brand intimacy ranking

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