Monero (XMR) Backers Mass-Spam Reddit Groups; “False Flag Attack” Suspected

Monero (XMR) Backers Mass-Spam Reddit Groups; "False Flag Attack" Suspected
Monero (XMR) Backers Mass-Spam Reddit Groups; “False Flag Attack” Suspected

New Delhi ( — A massive spam attack on multiple crypto-Reddit accounts, purportedly by Monero (Ticker: XMR) backers, is currently underway. A false flag attack is suspected as most of the comments, despite being ‘pro-Monero,’ do not help the cryptocurrency’s cause.

Reddit user u/CryptoMaximalist first reported this attack about 3 weeks ago. In doing so, the pseudonym entity published a list of spam accounts that messed around with a flurry of crypto subreddit communities with pro-Monero comments. He advised users to avoid the accounts mentioned in his list. At the time, there were 113 spam accounts.

In an updated report published Sunday, the number of spam accounts increased to 424. That prompted affected subreddit moderators to reach CryptoMaximalist, leading to an alliance to resist the attacks. Some moderators have already banned Monero mentions outright. 

The latest information suggests that Monero spammers have evolved to avoid spamming filters.

“It’s been possible (but a lot of work and not ideal) to block this attack almost entirely as a mod, but they could always adapt the attack further. It’s a cat and mouse game at this point to block all the spam without affecting any real users,”

wrote CryptoMaximalist.

The event marks another crypto maximalism case in the cryptocurrency industry, wherein zealots take aggressive measures, such as abusing other cryptocurrencies and their communities, to present their own community superior. At the end of the day, many believe that the toxic ideology works against the interests of the cryptocurrency sector on the whole.

False Flag Attack Against Monero?

But CryptoMaximalist sees the event as a well-devised attack against Monero itself, a cryptocurrency that lets users shield their transactions from potential onlookers. In his note, the Redditor reminded that the Monero community condemned and reported the spamming accounts. He conjectured that the attacker or attackers want to get Monero banned from the subreddits of its target audience. Due to the broken English used in comments, it is believed spammers are of foreign origin.

It is better to stay updated on the latest spam trends not fall victim to false news and such rumors, ultimately harming the community. The situation is still fluid until further updates.

Photo by Hannes Johnson on Unsplash.

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