Mushe token’s (XMU) upcoming token launch has traders excited

Key Takeaways:

  • Mushe World's upcoming token launch has traders excited.
  • XMU token has already jumped 340% during the presale phase.
Mushe token
Mushe World’s native token XMU’s presale will go live in May. Image from Mushe World (Instagram)

NEW DELHI ( — The pre-sale of Mushe World’s native token XMU has cryptocurrency traders excited. Early adopters have already profited from the Mushe token pre-sale, as it reached $0.022 from its launch price of $0.005 on Apr 18, a gain of 340%.

The cryptocurrency market has been downtrend since it entered 2022, largely due to Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins’ strengthening correlation with the traditional financial markets. As a result, investors and traders are looking at alternative investment options.

Hence, the Mushe token presale is an attractive option for traders since investing in presales is usually a reliable way to profit from cryptocurrencies. The XMU token is officially launching on Jul 4, with a target price of $0.50.

What is Mushe World?

Mushe World is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that aims to advance payment solutions technology. Mushe’s goal is to enhance blockchain adoption of digital assets. The Mushe token plans to create an entire ecosystem around itself.

Mushe World plans to launch an exchange called MusheVerse. Users can send and receive cryptocurrencies from users, pay merchants, or swap between currencies. Moreover, Mushe will offer lower exchange rates than other crypto payment services.

Additionally, the platform would also facilitate cross-platform functionality. The DeFi platform would reward users with Mushe tokens for shopping, buying NFTs, and chatting with users within the community.

Mushe Token Roadmap
Mushe Token roadmap. Source: Mushe World Website

Mushe also plans to become the go-to crypto-based financial app for users, helping them swap between crypto and fiat currencies with ease. Furthermore, the protocol will launch prepaid cards connected to current accounts. Users can pay merchant partners and send money in fiat or crypto.

Meanwhile, Mushe has incorporated a rewards program to incentivize peer-to-peer interaction and trading. Users would earn XMU tokens through the Mushe ecosystem. Moreover, it will also allow businesses to utilize XMU token reward schemes in their marketing campaigns.

The DeFi platform will also donate one percent of XMU tokens to charitable organizations that the community chooses. In addition to the XMU token, Mushe plans to launch a social app called Mushe Chat and a crypto wallet called the Mushe Wallet.

Mushe (XMU) Tokenomics

XMU, the native Mushe token, has a total fixed supply of 777,000,000 tokens, out of which it will issue only 233,100,000 XMU tokens for the presale. 

XMU Token
Mushe distribution. Source: Mushe Website

Meanwhile, the XMU tokens reserved for the Mushe team are locked in for the first three months. The protocol will release the locked tokens to a shared wallet every quarter. On the other hand, tokens reserved for advisors and partners, 2% of the overall fixed supply, have a 12-month lock-in period.

Mushe has set aside 17% of the total supply or 132,090,000 XMU tokens for exchange listings. Finally, the DeFi protocol’s reserve capital, which includes 15% of the total XMU tokens, has a 12-month lock-in period. After the lock-in period expires and the funds are released, Mushe will use the reserve capital to facilitate ongoing functions and future product offerings.

Mushe token, Mushe token’s (XMU) upcoming token launch has traders excited

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