Notorious Bitcoin bear may launch new NFT collection DigiWhales atop “Faketoshi” blockchain

Mr. Whale, who always has bearish predictions about Bitcoin (BTC) will float his NFT collection DigiWhales on the BSV blockchain soon.
Bitcoin (BTC) bear Mr. Whale, who criticized NFTs, has floated his DigiWhale collection. Credit: Mr. Whale

Key Takeaways

  • Mr. Whale, a notorious Bitcoin (BTC) bear, has floated his NFT collection DigiWhales.
  • Extending support to Craig Wright, Mr. Whale has shown interest in lodging his collection atop the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain.

YEREVAN ( Well well, look who wants a piece of the nonfungible token (NFT) pie now.

Notorious Bitcoin (BTC) bear Mr. Whale announced that he might launch his DigiWhale NFT collection. For someone who went on record to bash NFTs as a money-laundering scheme, his leap into nonfungible tokens is comical.

To spice up whatever he is trying to cook this time around, Mr. Whale is blowing his trumpet to support Craig Wright, aka “Faketoshi.” The crypto community uses the term to refer to anyone who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

In a previous Tweet, Mr. Whale promised to expand his NFT collection to support Bitcoin SV, a blockchain network launched by Wright following a split from Bitcoin Cash, a hardfork of the original Bitcoin blockchain.

Mr. Whale has floated his NFT collection, the DigiWhales, on OpenSea. His set of Whale tokens currently includes 126 NFTs, but he regularly adds more of them. 

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DigiWhales collection from an NFT critic? 

Having received his required 1000 likes on his Tweet, Mr. Whale has once again hinted at shifting his NFT collection to the BSV blockchain.

“Thank you to everyone who has shown support for this project! We’re planning to grow it substantially. We aren’t the biggest fans of the slow and expensive Ethereum network, so are working to test out other options in the future, including $BTC and $XRP. Stay tuned for that!” 

he wrote on Sunday. 

Maybe staying on the sidelines and watching the NFT boom was not easy for Mr. Whale. After all, acting cool to gain supporters is one thing, but who wants to miss out on some cash, right?

Through his Medium blog post last August, he had hit out at NFTs, calling them a tax-evasion scheme.

“Behind the facade of a bunch of bored rich dudes buying digital artwork at insanely high prices lays a sinister, and twisted money laundering scheme for crypto’s ultra-rich elites to make their illegal profits look legal,” 

he claimed. 

We can take what Mr. Whale said with a pinch of salt. After all, the idea that some people will use NFTs to launder black money is not impossible. However, he has now stepped into the same industry, and one could assume he is here to do the same.

Last October, Mr. Whale denounced predictions that Bitcoin (BTC) would reach $100,000 at the end of the year. To his mind, the leading cryptocurrency had more chance of falling to $0 than hitting that target. 

Well, he did turn out right eventually. BTC did not close the year anywhere near the $100,000-mark. However, following Mr. Whale’s tweet, Bitcoin went from below $51,000 to claim a new all-time high of $68,789 on November 10.

His bearish prediction, albeit correct, cost his fans the large profits they would otherwise reap from the rally. But then, while he has almost 425,000 Twitter followers, Mr. Whale’s NFT collection has had only 47 takers so far. So where is all the love gone?

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