Redditor loses his cool on ‘faketoshi’ Craig Wright

Key Takeaways:

  • BSV founder is a ‘fraud, scumbag, psychopath, and scammer,’ says a Reddit user.
  • Hodlonaut has received 52.7 BTC to pursue his lawsuit his campaign Craig Wright over claims he created Bitcoin.
Redditor loses his cool on 'faketoshi' Craig Wright
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LAGOS ( — A pseudonym Redditor u/s3k2p7s9m8b5 has publicly expressed anger and disdain towards Bitcoin SV (BSV) founder Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin (BTC).

In a post shared on Tuesday, the user accused Wright of being a conman who swindles people for his benefits. The aggrieved users in the Reddit post called for action against Wright, describing him as a “fraud, scumbag, and psychopath.”

“A conman (Craig Wright) who can’t even program and muddles even the basics of Bitcoin tech started claiming he created Bitcoin to try to get out of trouble after he engaged in long-running multi-million dollar tax fraud. Which so far ended in a police raid on his home and office after which he fled the country. […] Even his mother called out his pathological lying.”

Reddit user said.

Slamming the BSV founder over his claims to have created Bitcoin, the user said Wright was a fraud. He explained that on several occasions, Wright has been unable to produce evidence that he was part of Bitcoin creation.

Moreover, when he was ordered by a court to provide the list of specific Bitcoin that he owns, Wright came up with excuses. Furthermore, recall that Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, had also explicitly said that Craig Wright “is a fraud.” He also practically recommended that no one invest in BSV and even delisted the token on his exchange.

Craig Wright

The Reddit user further noted that Wright’s unchecked claims would hurt more investors if they were not prevented. He called on the Bitcoin community to act and protect its users and itself from bad actors like Wright. He said:

“At this point it seems likely that the only thing that will trigger the end of it is the start of criminal prosecution. […] There are some of us that know people with the power to do something here or have it themselves. It’s time to start some of those conversations.”

Craig Wright accused of market manipulation

Meanwhile, the new accusation comes weeks after another Reddit user accused Craig Wright and his blockchain protocol BSV of crypto market manipulation.

“Every time it looks like a rally is eminent, BSV price gets slammed again. The manipulation is so obvious now. It’s almost comical. But this is not a joke anymore…. Not now.”

The Reddit user with the username u/supertrader11 said.

Furthermore, Craig Wright is expected to appear in Norway on September 12 over a “declaratory statement” concerning creating Bitcoin. The case seems to gather the interest of prominent individuals, including Michael Saylor, who is donating to the course.

Craig Wright, Redditor loses his cool on ‘faketoshi’ Craig Wright

Earlier, Bitcoin influencer Magnus Granath (@hodlonaut) took to Twitter to rally support for his upcoming legal battle with Wright. Following his tweet, a prominent member of the Bitcoin community donated 47 bitcoin ($1 million); others are still contributing.

Craig Wright, Redditor loses his cool on ‘faketoshi’ Craig Wright

At the time of publication, hodlonaut has received a total of 52.679 bitcoin and $30,000 in donations from 1,891 people.

Earlier this month, Wright was involved in a U.K. court hearing with bitcoin (BTC) podcaster Peter McCormack. High Court Judge Martin Chamberlain ruled that Wright used false evidence in the defamation case and awarded him damages of 1 British pound ($1.18).

Craig Wright, Redditor loses his cool on ‘faketoshi’ Craig Wright

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