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Elon Musk, Janet Yellen To Blame For Bitcoin Price Plunge
Two people are to blame for the Bitcoin price crash. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.
Posted on Feb 23, 2021
Janet Yellen Rips Bitcoin, Calling It ‘Extremely Ineffective’
United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen issued a warning about the dangers that she believes Bitcoin poses to both investors and the public. “Bitcoin is an extremely inefficient way...
Posted on Feb 22, 2021
Janet Yellen Warns Misuse Of Cryptocurrency Is A ‘Growing Problem’
The U.S. Department of the Treasury hosted its inaugural Financial Sector Innovation Policy Roundtable. With Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen speaking at the event. In her opening remarks Yellen expressed...
Posted on Feb 12, 2021