Theta Network Token Surpasses Chainlink, Enters Top-10 Cryptocurrencies

Theta Network Token Surpasses Chainlink

Long Beach (CoinChapter): The native token of the Theta Network, THETA, has entered the top-10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. On Tuesday, THETA surpassed Chainlink’s LINK as the 10th largest crypto with a market of $11.2 billion.

These all-time highs for THETA come shortly after Theta Labs secured its second patent on designs for decentralized blockchain-based video and data delivery. Earlier this month, Theta Labs released an open-source code for the Theta protocol version 2.2.0 on its GitHub.

The token has seen massive growth recently. The token is up 17% over the past 24 hours, an 70% over the last week. Over the past year-to-date, THETA has seen unbelievable growth of over 17000%. Furthermore, should it rise another 6.8% it could surpass Litecoin for the eighth largest crypto by market capitalization.

Theta Network is a decentralized video streaming network. Its software mechanism, allows end-users to share their computational power in order to strengthen the peer-to-peer streaming environment. Its token can be used to donate to streamers. Additionally, it can be used to unlock premium content and transfer unique gifts.

Theta Network Has Built A Massive Community Network

Theta Network has built a massive community-driven network since its inception just a couple of years ago. Its P2P streaming environment currently consists of 25,994 Edge Nodes, 3,302 Guardian Nodes, and 14 Enterprise Validator nodes. These Edge Nodes can earn another native asset known as TFUEL. They can do so by caching the content of popular video hosting platforms.

Additionally, these TFUEL tokens will become available for staking next month. Users should run Edge Node software in order to take part in the staking process. TFUEL tokens are in the midst of a big run as well, having set a new all-time high of $0.53 just hours ago.

The Network has been continually growing its validator program. They have garnered collaboration with Fortune Global 500 firms like Google, Samsung, and Sony. Additionally, they have also partnered with major industry firms like Binance,, and Gumi.

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