Top 3 new crypto projects 2022 with ICOs around the corner

Top 3 new crypto projects 2022 with ICOs around the corner
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YEREVAN ( – The crypto community already has over 16,000 digital assets to choose from and new ones added daily. No wonder it is a challenge to keep up with the ever-changing crypto landscape, especially when it comes to catching new projects early on. Many new crypto projects in 2022 have already launched, with initial coin offerings (ICOs) right around the corner.

Here are the new crypto projects that have scheduled an ICO launch in the upcoming week

#1 Syn City (SYN)

Syn City is a fresh gaming project that will launch its ICO on Jan 7-8. The project has already released NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in Dec 2021 and describes itself as a “mafia infrastructure.” The said infrastructure will contain “assets generated and utilized” within the mafia metaverse.

There will be ongoing new PLAY & EARN modules to be generated for this ecosystem, e.g. first-person shooter games, strategy games, farming games, or even MMO games all coming and being derived directly from the assets generated and the existing infrastructure that is built.

specified the whitepaper.

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Syn City will present 25 million tokens during the ICO at the price of $0.020. The project pinpointed the fundraising goal at $500,000. Additionally, it is currently present on 8,340 watchlists across CoinMarketCap.

#2 Starbots (BOT)

Starbots is another NFT-game entry on the list. Players can create their own “fantasy robots” and gain GEAR tokens through robot assembly, winning battles, etc.

Starbots is the first-ever Robot battle #NFT game, with Dogs being the main characters within the fights.

reads the whitepaper introduction.

BOT is the governance token in the game, which will earn its holder the right to vote on community decisions. The project is built on the Solana blockchain and will launch its ICO on Jan 10-11. The ICO price will stand at $0.10, and 2,750,000 BOT tokens will be available for purchase, 1.375% of the total supply.

#3 Ex Sports (EXS)

Sports collectible NFTs have exploded in the previous year, with no intention to stop any time soon. The latest addition to the pack is Ex Sports, a sports NFT marketplace.

In detail, the NFT marketplace will allow its users to buy and sell sport-themed NFTs. In addition, it offers a “variety of sports” and has a special reward program for collectors, athletes, and sports fans.

Athletes will have sets of their exclusive NFT’s minted and made available to trade on the EX Sports marketplace. Ex Sports has officially partnered with multiple sports federations who represent over 40 niche sports and millions of athletes.

reads the introduction.

Ex Sports has an active community on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media outlets. The project scheduled its EXS token ICO launch on Jan 10-11 and will offer 2,222,222 EXS for sale, with the price set at $0.1350.

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As mentioned above, the list of potential projects to launch their tokens is quite extensive, with the chosen three launching in the upcoming days. However, Do Your Own Research (DYOR) is a great principle to go by before considering an investment in any of the mentioned projects.

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